SEVENTEEN Plays An Intense Sound On “HIT” Comeback Music Video Teasers

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Based on the teasers Carats have seen so far, this new bop from SEVENTEEN is already a surefire hit!

SEVENTEEN made Carats gasp with the powerful direction their teasers had been going for their much-anticipated August comeback!

The thirteen-member boy group is shaping up an intense concept which has further revved up the excitement of Carats for their highly-awaited comeback this August 5.

Set to be marked by a new digital single titled “HIT”, SEVENTEEN’s return seemed to hint at a stronger, more mature image a la “Getting Closer” from December last year.

Their comeback’s dark and heart-racing aura has begun showing itself since its prologue video “An Ode To You: Unchained Melody” which served as its first entry on its teaser countdown.

The group lit up the first day of August by dropping a fiery twenty-four second video teaser which added fuel to fans’ growing anticipation for SEVENTEEN’s nearing hot comeback.

Not only did the thirteen members play with fire by burning up the dance floor with their intense choreography, but they also made good use of water in showering fans with a visual delight for the clip.

On the midnight of August 3, SEVENTEEN added another music video teaser. Although it lasted for only eighteen seconds, it further proved how much of a hit their new digital single is set to be.

It also showed more of the fast and snappy choreography that the group has prepared for their return.

Additionally, the hashtag #PRIDE_OF_PRIDE were also included on the caption of the teaser upon its revelation on SEVENTEEN’s official SNS accounts.

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Source: Pledis Entertainment

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