SEVENTEEN Reveals Unique Highlight Medley For Upcoming Mini-Album “Attacca”

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Showcasing their musicality and star quality, SEVENTEEN drops an extraordinary highlight medley for their 9th mini-album Attacca!

Phenomenal K-Pop boy group SEVENTEEN is about to bring fans a variety of tracks falling under different genres with their upcoming EP Attacca.

On October 18, Pledis Entertainment uploaded the highly-awaited highlight medley for their prized group’s nearing comebackBreaking away from usual formats, the 4-minute and 34-seconds clip looks like a music video due to the appearance of the members.

Simply put, it features not only the members’ voices but also their amazing visuals and projecting skills. The boys are singing the songs in separate groups in units, which is cool and iconic at the same time. 

This only shows how extremely dedicated SEVENTEEN is with their craft and how passionate they are to bring something novel to the industry each comeback.

Right off the bat, the highlight medley left listeners in awe with the lovely and catchy tracks the group has prepared. It’s got everything you could wish for in a solid album—nostalgic and soft songs, a unique rock anthem, catchy and upbeat offerings, and R&B-inspired tracks.

With its release, expectations are further rising regarding what kind of image the group will show in this extraordinary return. CARATs’ excitement also doubled as SEVENTEEN ventures into a new creative and musical concept they have not tried before.


The astounding preview starts off with a visualization of a cassette tape continuously winding with a striking melody from the track called “To You” plays in the background. Seconds later, the frame then shifts to Jeonghan and DK facing each other while standing in front of a vintage stand mic and powerfully singing the beautiful lyrics of the song.

Both members look soulful and happy while expressing all the needed emotions for the track. As members of SEVENTEEN’s vocal team, they did a great job in emphasizing their vocal skills. Even without knowing the exact lyrics, fans could already feel the nostalgia and sincerity the song exhibits.

Next up, THE8, Vernon, Dino, Seungkwan and Hoshi left every speechless as they give a glimpse to the lyrics and beats of their title track “Rock With You.” It has hard-hitting beats and pleasing parts that can make everyone dance and jam. 

It will not be a surprise if the track immediately becomes a worldwide hit and goes into all K-Pop fans’ playlists, given how promising and well-made it is.

“Crush” may not be the main song of the album but it surely catches attention with its retro-inspired melody that everyone is obsessed with. Featuring members Joshua, Vernon, Dino and Woozi, it leaves a great impression with its few English lyrics that will surely get stuck to every CARATs’ mind. 


For your daily serotonin boost, “Pang” by the Performance Team is the answer to your prayers. It has soft but outstanding tunes, making it the perfect companion for your study sessions and chill days. Hoshi, THE8 and Jun’s scientist-inspired attires in the video even made the song a whole lot better.


Another song full of emotions is “Imperfect Love” by none other than SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team. CARATs will surely be reminded of the group’s old song “Campfire,” given the imagery the unit presented while singing the track on the video. Its title already suggests that it is going to be a touching and comforting one, just like the group’s previous ballad songs.

Falling under the R&B genre, “I Can’t Run Away” by the Hiphop Team is one of a kind. It has a steady beat, which allows Mingyu, Scoups, Wonwoo and Vernon’s voices to shine more.


Finally, the last track on the list is Vernon and Joshua’s “2 Minus 1,” which once again, does not disappoint. It is the best companion during road trips and parties with friends given how upbeat it is.

SEVENTEEN will release its 9th EP Attacca on October 22 at 6 PM KST.

Source: SEVENTEEN’s Twitter Account

Photos from Pledis Entertainment


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