“SKY Castle” To Soar Its Stunning Picture On Netflix

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South Korea’s highest-rated cable drama, Sky Castle will begin its flight on Netflix.

Because Netflix only brings the best Korean series, fans can now enjoy 2019’s record-breaking hit series, SKY Castle. Beginning April 28, the lauded jTBC drama starts streaming on Netflix.

Sky Castle

After humbly opening on a decent premiere, the thrilling series rose to unprecedented numbers owing to its thrilling story. Powered by a remarkable cast of young and veteran actors, it became a popular household drama. It also consistently topped the list of buzzworthy drama at the time of its airing.

Leading the cast are five veteran actresses: Yum Jung Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Na Ra and Kim Seo Hyung.

Yoon Se Ah & Lee Tae RanKim Bo Ra and Chani

Soaring high throughout its run, four families colored the narrative of the series to intriguing bends. Coupled with proportionate moments for its big cast, its fictional world probed on elite families’ different opinions on supporting their children’s future.

For the families living at SKY Castle, an exclusive residential community that’s home to Korea’s elite, their children’s success means everything. And getting them into the top university is the ultimate prize.

Sky Castle

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