TREASURE’s “THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE” Hailed As Current Best-Selling Rookie Album This 2020

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TREASURE continues to raise the bar for rookies this year!

YG Entertainment’s newest boy group TREASURE has created a brand-new record for K-pop rookies this year with their debut single album THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE.


The current best-selling rookie album this 2020

On August 20, several reports revealed that TREASURE’s very first album has sold 166,614 copies in just one week. According to the Hanteo Chart, this is the highest amount of albums sold by a rookie group this 2020.

Previously, it was reported that the rookie group’s debut album recorded over 200,000 pre-orders. Additionally, TREASURE’s debut title track “BOY” has dominated the iTunes Top Songs Chart upon its release. It specifically topped the said chart in at least 19 countries, including Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Peru, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, and more.

Proving to be this year’s monster rookies, Choi Hyun Suk, Park Ji Hoon, Junkyu, Yoshi, Mashiho, Jae Hyuk, Asahi, Bang Ye Dam, Doyoung, Haruto, Jeong Woo, and Jung Hwan delighted their long-awaiting fans by making their grand entrance with their debut music video for “BOY” on August 7.

As of the latest count, the music video for “BOY” has already surpassed 27 million views in just 15 days.

Source: Yonhap

Photo Credits: YG Entertainment