TREASURE’s Doyoung & Junghwan Now Fully Recovered From COVID-19

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Stay safe and healthy, TREASURE!

TREASURE’s Doyoung and Junghwan are now recovered from COVID-19.

Earlier today, YG Entertainment delivered the fortunate news to fans via an official statement.

“We are pleased to inform you that TREASURE members Doyoung and So Junghwan have fully recovered from COVID-19. In addition, other members and surrounding staff tested negative in the final test, and as of July 29, they were completely released from self-quarantine,” the agency shared.

The medical experts clinically judged that the two idols were no longer infectious and gave a go signal to discharge them from the residential care center on July 23 and 26, respectively. They both continued to rest at their homes for another week.

“We would like to thank the fans for their concern and the medical staff who are dedicated to the sweltering heat to overcome COVID-19. Please support TREASURE, who will come back in good health,” the agency added.

To assure fans of the group’s safety moving forward, YG Entertainment committed to continue putting the health of their artists and employees as the top priority. The company promised to strictly comply with the quarantine guidelines of the health authorities and ensure that there are no disruptions in their scheduled activities.

Source: OSEN | Sports Chosun

Photo Credits: YG Entertainment

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