TWICE’s Jeongyeon To Take Hiatus Due To Mental Health

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Hoping for your complete recovery, TWICE’s Jeongyeon!

TWICE’s beloved member Jeongyeon will be taking a temporary break once again due to her current health condition.

Just recently, JYP Entertainment has released an official notice to update fans about Jeongyeon’s health situation and her future activities.

The agency shared, “Jeongyeon is currently experiencing panic and psychological anxiety. Although Jeongyeon was moving forward with her schedule by simultaneously taking action for recovery, we value our artists’ health as the most important issue. Therefore, after deep discussions internally accompanied by professional medical measures, we have decided that it is needed for Jeongyeon to have sufficient time to focus on her recovery and rest.”

As a result of several discussions with Jeongyeon and her fellow members, the agency also revealed that they decided that Jeongyeon will be unable to attend TWICE’s activities for the time being.

“We will continue to provide the best procedures for Jeongyeon to recover with a sufficient amount of time. We kindly ask for your love and support for Jeongyeon’s full recovery. Thank you,” the agency added.

In October 2020, Jeongyeon took her much-needed break due to the same health reasons. She marked her return to group activities at the 30th Seoul Music Awards held on January 31.

Source: JYP Entertainment 

Photo Credits: Esquire