ATEEZ Stages Comeback With “Wave” As Lead Track For New Album After 600K Votes From ATINYs

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ATEEZ and ATINYs joined forces to choose their next lead track – and the result has been more than amazing!

ATEEZ finally revealed “Wave” as the lead track that they will be promoting for their upcoming album TREASURE EP. 3: All to One together with its music video – all thanks to the help of their dedicated fans all around the world!

Photo from KQ Entertainment

The group officially ended the battle between their new album’s tracks “Wave” and “Illusion” for the “main promotional song” title after announcing the outcome of fans’ votes combined with the members’ decisions by dropping their comeback music video on June 10.

In collaboration with MyMusicTaste, ATEEZ and their agency KQ Entertainment earlier asked fans to help the group choose their next lead track through a three-round voting project titled ATEEZ X ATINY: Vote For ATEEZ’ Next Song. With the two aforementioned tracks as the fans’ options, the first round of voting began with a preview of short audio clips of the two tracks.

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It was then followed by a preview reveal of the choreography for both songs in the second round. Lastly, the third and final round was made exclusive to the group’s members who cast their own individual votes for their next lead track themselves.

Voting Results

The project gathered a whopping total of 616,956 votes, with “Wave” emerging as the winner with 52.58% of the total votes. However, “Illusion” also went down strong and gave a close fight with 47.42% of the total votes.

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The decision of the group, together with KQ Entertainment, to include fans in the decision-making process for their lead track aims to show their desire to associate the fans in different aspects of their evolution as idols and artists.

Finally, on June 10, the group dropped the official music video – not just for “Wave”, but also for “Illusion” as a special double treat for their ATINYs!