Park Ji Hoon And Lai Kuan Lin Sweetly Reunite In 2019 Asia Model Awards Ceremony + Miss Fellow Wanna One Members

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Park Ji Hoon and Lai Kuan Lin brought an adorable PanWink reunion to the 2019 Asia Model Awards which sent some feels to Wannables.

Former Wanna One members Park Ji Hoon and Lai Kuan Lin met at the 2019 Asia Model Awards ceremony on June 9 – and they may or may not have left their fans feeling fragile.

Photos from Asia Model Awards

The two idols, whose meeting at the ceremony had been highly anticipated after the reveal that they both won awards, began to send fans clutching on their hearts upon finding out they were assigned to be seated next to each other.

True enough, the two made a heartwarming reunion, and delighted fans with their fond smiles at each other during the awards show.

Awards Speech

Receiving his trophy for the Asia Special Award first, Kuan Lin went up on stage and delivered his humble speech.

Photo from Cube Entertainment

“Thank you for giving me an award as great as this. Receiving such an award isn’t just a result of my own hard work, so I am thankful to everyone who worked hard to assist me,” he said before continuing his acceptance speech in Chinese.

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Afterward, Ji Hoon also went up on stage as the recipient of the Asia Star Award, and fans noted how Kuan Lin proudly stood up and clapped for him.

Photo from TV Report

“I am honored just to be invited here, but I am grateful to receive this award as well. Thank you to my Maroo Entertainment family, as they had also made it possible for me to receive this award. I really love my fans too, and I promise to be a hard-working Ji Hoon,” he stated in his speech.

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“I will say what Kuan Lin has been unable to say earlier,” the idol then added, making fans go wild.

“We wanted to say that we really miss our fellow Wanna One members,” he said, confessing what they talked about while they were seated together.