Lai Kuan Lin Gleamed Like A Big, Shining Star On The Singapore Stage For His “Good Feeling” Solo Fan Meeting

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Together with a dedicated crowd of supporters, Lai Kuan Lin went “hypey, hypey” all out during his recent solo fan meeting in Singapore!

Lai Kuan Lin delighted fans with his shining charisma and talent as he made his return to the land of Singapore for his solo fan meeting tour Good Feeling on April 30.

Photo from 411 Entertainment Singapore and Cube Entertainment

The former Wanna One member landed on the stage of [email protected] Arena with a bright smile on his face as he opened the show with an intense stage of “Hypey”.

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The performance of the song, which is a collaboration with his good friend and fellow rapper GOT7’s Jackson as part of his Cube unit album 9801 with PENTAGON’s Wooseok, brought the house down as fans cheered loudly for the idol.

Photo from 411 Entertainment Singapore and Cube Entertainment

A fun talk session

The stage was followed by a talk corner with Kuan Lin, which made fans feel closer to him as he shared numerous memories and stories.

Starting with a segment called “Four Best Photos”, the young rapper revealed a number of his favourite photos from his childhood up to his recent days as an idol – with some of them being photographs with PENTAGON’s Wooseok and former Wanna One groupmate Park Ji Hoon, an iconic exchange of photos with EXO’s Suho.

Photo from 411 Entertainment Singapore and Cube Entertainment

A corner called “Truth Or Lai” tested out Kuan Lin’s honesty as he answered questions sent in by fans – with the extra task of putting his hand in a mini lie detector machine. After getting electrically shocked as he answered the questions, the idol jokingly swore that the machine was broken.

The last stage, titled  “School of Lai”, followed with a series of challenges for the idol, including one which involved counting money while answering a couple of questions thrown at him.

Photo from 411 Entertainment Singapore and Cube Entertainment

His English skills were also challenged as he tried out singing a part of One Direction’s song “What Makes You Beautiful” for the crowd. Lastly, Kuan Lin drove around a toy car, with a mission of knocking down as many stuffed toys as possible, which were given away to fans.

More intense performances

After concluding the fan meeting’s several talk corners, the idol delivered a straight set of performances once again. He performed his song with PENTAGON’s Wooseok, who appeared on screen to “join” him, titled “I’m a Star” and a cover of MGM’s “Let You Go”.

Photo from 411 Entertainment Singapore and Cube Entertainment

He then took a short break to pose for a stage selfie with fans, where he was surprised with a fan-made VCR shown on the big screen while doing so.

Kuan Lin visibly got emotional with the heartfelt video, and he sent out many thanks to the fans for their never-ending support.

The idol resumed with his set of performances with a cover of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. He didn’t just stand on stage to sing though – because the young rapper took the time to sweetly walk around the hall so that every fan on the venue can get the chance to see him perform up close.

Photo from 411 Entertainment Singapore and Cube Entertainment

Finally, Kuan Lin performed his solo song “Good Feeling” – wrapping up the show by giving fans exactly what its title says.