Court Rejects Contract Termination Request By Lai Kuan Lin Against Cube Entertainment

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After their battle in court regarding his request for contract termination, it has been decided that Lai Kuan Lin will have to stay with Cube Entertainment.

The Seoul District Court released its decision on the contract dispute between Lai Kuan Lin and Cube Entertainment, which the latter shared on November 21.

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After the former Wanna One member officially filed a legal request to terminate his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment and revealed the agency’s violations regarding third-party rights last July, the South Korean court has released its verdict – which leaned into the favour of the agency.

Through an official statement by Cube Entertainment, they relayed the court’s decision to reject the injunction filed by the young rapper-actor. This outcome came from the trials, which were closed to the public for its entire duration, which officially began last August.

The Seoul District Court ruled today against the injunction filed by our artist, Lai Kuan Lin, against us last July.

We welcome the court’s decision and remind you once again that there is no reason for termination under the exclusive contract between Cube and Lai Kuan Lin. Following the court’s decision, we plan to maintain our exclusive contract relationship with Lai Kuan Lin and seek a smooth resolution through dialogue between the parties.

Cube Entertainment will continue to support all of its artists and trainees to perform their best, and will also do their best to comply with the contract and to keep their trust.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused fans. Because you had been concerned about this, we promise to be back in a better way. Thank you.

Upon filing, the idol, who is a minor, cited contract violations made by the agency as the reason behind his request, revealing how he recently found out that parts of his exclusive contract rights were sold to a third-party company without his knowledge. He also added that the agency used counterfeited documents with “his and his father’s seal”, which Cube Entertainment thereafter denied.

Following the release of the news, fans aired out their disappointment over the verdict through the hashtag #StandByKuanlin. With Cube Entertainment’s official statement release coming at the same time as the finale of his drama in China titled A Little Thing Called First Love, the idol’s fans also promised to give him their unwavering support no matter what.

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Source: My Daily