“Welcome 2 Life” Starring Rain Captures Parallel World Theme In Released Drama Teasers

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Welcome 2 Life is the newest drama that will take you to imaginative worlds.

MBC’s upcoming drama Welcome 2 Life dropped its main poster featuring two divided worlds.

Starring Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), Lim Ji Yeon and Kwak Si Yang, the image shows distinction of the two worlds to be traversed by the actors. In particular, the colors reflect the mood to be unraveled in the series. While the bottom picture shows bright hues, the inverted part of the image hints a dark ambiance.

Welcome 2 Life

Photo Credit: MBC

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Welcome 2 Life centers around the story of  cunning lawyer Lee Jae Sang, who will do everything in his power, may it be good or bad, to win his case. Unfortunately, he meets a car accident. From there, his life will change as he gets trapped to a parallel world. Instead of his former job, he will become an upright prosecutor.

At the top of the poster, figures of people heading to one direction highlights Jung Ji Hoon’s bad lawyer character. Walking along with him are fellow actors including Son Byung Ho, Park Won Sang and Han Sang Jin. Additionally, the purple sky alludes to an ominous impression elicit by the picture.

In contrast, the bottom part of the image reveals Jung Ji Hoon leading the cast entourage in a brightly lit scene. Amplifying the anticipation of the fans, the main poster framed the trajectory of MBC’s ingenious project.

Two Worlds Connected

Playing two characters of different personalities is one of the drawing points of the series. In the initial released photos, the distinct variations of the roles show cold and warm facades of the characters Jung is about to play.

Suiting up as the story’s female lead is Lim Ji Yeon. In Lee Jae Sang’s real world, she plays the role of strong-willed detective, Ra Si On. Also, she is Jae Sang’s former lover, but they are not at all friendly. Interestingly, in the other world, she is a supportive and loving wife to Jae Sang, as he performs his duty as an honorable prosecutor.

Rounding up the cast is Kwak Si Yang (Chicago Typewriter). In both worlds, he will portray the role of Si On’s partner detective.

Welcome 2 Life will premiere on July 29 via MBC at 8:55PM KST.