K-Drama Review: “Trap” Entraps Viewers With Short But Sweet Action-Packed Scenes

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The 7-episode OCN drama Trap has the makings of a thrill of a lifetime.

Trap is a short mystery series that centers around two men, Kang Woo Hyun and Ko Dong Kook. Kang is a former TV anchor who lost his family during a tragic vacation. Meanwhile, Ko is a police officer tasked to investigate Kang’s case.

Not one to back away from a challenge, Trap delves into the grim reality of the psychotic possibilities the human mind can wander to.


Title: Trap
Network: OCN
Theme: crime thriller
Length: 7 episodes
Broadcast Date: 09 February to 03 March 2019
Main Leads: Sung Dong Il, Lee Seo Jin
Highlights: Thrilling story, excellent acting,
Drawback: Gruesome scenes, The series is too short
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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Trap was a pleasant surprise. It was short at just seven episodes but each moment was totally worth it. The investigation of a sickening murder of Woo Hyun’s young son turned into a massive investigation of a powerful group who liked to hunt people they thought “deserve” it.

Quick Plot Roundup

Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap *Image via OCN*

Woo Hyun takes his family on a vacation that ends tragically as they become targets of a hunting game. Soon after, his wife also disappears.

Later on, Woo Hyun is found unconscious and is brought to the hospital. After a thorough investigation and manhunt, they find the body of his dead son.

Woo Hyun becomes the main suspect for the murder of his son and disappearance of his wife. Dong Kook takes on Woo Hyun’s investigation and is assisted by celebrity profiler Yoon Seo Young.

The Truth Behind Woo Hyun

In the course of the investigation, Seo Young and Dong Kook grow suspicious of Woo Hyun. As he plays the role of the grieving father, they notice that his actions seem calculated. His reactions also seem practiced. Thus, they decide to investigate him more closely.

Meanwhile, Woo Hyun gets back on his feet after the tragedy as he is getting ready to join politics. For him to be successful, he approaches the powerful hunting group for help. However, he has another motive. He wants to take over the group and brings down Hong Won Tae, the leader of the group.

Under these circumstances, Dong Kook and Seo Young trail Woo Hyun. They find out that Woo Hyun discovered the affair between his wife and Won Tae. They begin to suspect that he staged the whole accident.

The 1MM Difference

Seo Young finally uncovers the truth when they realize that Woo Hyun mounted the whole accident and portrayed himself to be the victim to gain public sympathy. As unbelievable as it seems, Woo Hyun murdered both his son and wife for his political gain.

To erase their suspicions, Woo Hyun enlists their help to catch Hong Tae. He tells them about the hunting group. Furthermore, he reveals that he was investigating this group for a long time. The groups is powerful in every industry internationally and even controls the criminal underworld. Thus, the group recruits the VVIP to join them in their hunting game. However, Woo Hyun cannot provide any evidence.

While Dong Kook continues the investigation with Woo Hyun and Seo Young, they also discover the corruption in the police force and how the officers Dong Kook works with get paid to cover up critical evidence.

Lulled into a sense of security, Woo Hyun fools Dong Kook and Seo Young into believing him. Seo Young goes on air to send a warning to Hong Tae, letting him know they are on to him and it’s a matter of time before he gets caught.

They devise a plan to trap and capture Hong Tae, but before they can move, Hong Tae is killed by his own men to hide evidence before killing himself too.

Believing the case is finally closed, Dong Kook is hailed as a hero by the public. However Seo Young is still a bit suspicious of Woo Hyun. She visits him and subtly hints at knowing the truth by talking about psychological weak points. This triggers Woo Hyun to get upset.

On her way back, Seo Young gets into an accident as her brake was cut and she crashes into a ravine. Her car explodes with Seo Young still inside.

Finale Week Recap

The Discovery of Woo Hyun’s Wife

After the accident, Seo Young is unconscious in a coma. Enraged, Dong Kook wants the accident investigated. However, this is impossible because whoever was responsible made sure evidence can’t be retrieved by burning the car.

Later on, Woo Hyun receives word that the body parts of his wife were found in a basement. Woo Hyun arrives and starts acting like he’s devastated.

With Seo Young immobile, Dong Kook is alone trying to investigate. Woo Hyun’s family photo taken during the ill-fated vacation raises his suspicions. He goes to Woo Hyun’s house to investigate his hunches.  He finally puts the puzzle pieces together and finds the missing 1mm. Woo Hyun actually used an old family photo to fabricate the time of the vacation. The missing 1mm from the photo was cut out by Woo Hyun to hide the tack marks.

Without Any Proof, nothing matters



Dong Kook confronts Woo Hyun. He  correctly infers exactly what happened to Woo Hyun when he committed the murders. Suddenly, someone knocks Dong Kook unconscious and kidnaps him. They pretend that his wife requested that they take him to a mental ward. However, it is Woo Hyun and the group behind his kidnapping. He discovers Secretary Kim is also there. They drug both Dong Kook and Secretary Kim with truth serum.

While Dong Kook is locked up, Woo Hyun goes to Dong Kook’s wife and daughter. However, he chickens out at the last minute and does not kill them. Instead he kills the man sent by the hunting group.Woo Hyun is aware that he was being tested to see if he is capable of murder. Because of what Woo Hyun did, the hunting group believe that Woo Hyun is sincere and is just like them.



Dong Kook and Secretary Kim Escape

Woo Hyun goes to visit Dong Kook and Secretary Kim. He taunts them both and tells Secretary Kim to return to him.

Afterwards, Woo Hyun goes to meet the hunting group in the woods to play another hunting game. This time, he seems to be the target. They are now aware that he plans to overtake them and turn the tables. since they received evidence from Dong Kook of his plans.

The Final Confrontation

Woo Hyun taunts Dong Kook further by revealing Lee Si Hoon, a member of the hunting group, was the one who ran over his son. He further pushes Dong Kook and tells him to pull the trigger on him.

However, he doesn’t take the bait. Dong Kook shoots Si Hoon in the leg, avenging the death of his son, Detective Bae and Seo Young.

Months after, Dong Kook is happy with his retired life. His family lives abroad. Meanwhile, Woo Hyun tries to find his own cure.


The cast was a solid choice for this seven-episode series. Both Sung Dong Il and Lee Seo Jin played their parts really well. Lee was exceptional in portraying both the psychotic murderer and the grieving father. However, he maintained a glint in his eye throughout that signaled an evil side of him that did not go away.

Trap was a crime thriller that was fast-paced but each moment counted. Even though they only had seven episodes, They maximized the time and laced the story well. The buildup to the climax was well-executed. The twist to Woo Hyun’s real personality and motive was also a good surprise.


While this isn’t a drawback for me personally, this might not sit well with others who are sensitive. The drama was gruesome and some scenes were horrendous even if they were blurred out. Sensitive viewers may not stomach the scenes well as it was a bit too violent.

I feel a bit unsatisfied with the ending because spoiler I wish Woo Hyun would have been sent to jail. In fact, it seems that no one was imprisoned. Considering the murders, the killers also died.


Trap *Image via OCN*

Trap *Image via OCN*

If you’re looking for a fast watch that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is for you. The story is intriguing and will keep you hooked until the very last minute. Again, if you like action and don’t mind blood and a bit of gore, then this will be the one for you. Sung Dong Il is a personal favorite, and he did not disappoint in this drama.

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