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Yoo Ah In & Park Shin Hye Are Desperately Trapped In Movie Posters Of “#ALIVE”

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The newly-released film posters of Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye truly catches attention!

Acknowledged as bankable actors of their generation, Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye are all set for an enthralling film adventure. Their first collaboration is through film #ALIVE.

#ALIVE is a survival thriller film of people isolated in an apartment building without any means of digital communication. The survivors are in the brink of danger after a cryptic monster outbreak ensued to terrorize them.

#ALIVE Yoo Ah In

In the released poster, Yoo Ah In is seen standing dangerously on the apartment railing while trying to get a mobile phone signal. Beneath him are scary creatures clamoring for a taste of his flesh.

Another photo shows Yoo Ah In with Park Shin Hye on the same predicament. Weary reflects on their worried faces as they isolate themselves from the attack of the scary creatures.

Yoo Ah In #ALIVE

Eagerly-awaited collaboration

Yoo and Park will portray the roles of Jun-woo and Yubin respectively. Both are set to challenge the roles of survivors in a dire situation to survive the fatal attacts of unknown creatures.

Highly-anticipated in the Summer box office, #ALIVE aims to showcase Yoo Ah In’s vivid and realistic acting. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye transforms to a character with extraordinary survival ability.

Based on the original scenario of Hollywood screenwriter Matt Naylor, #ALIVE goals to capture an exhilarating story requiring strong character immersion. Naylor has also worked as a producer and director of works such as Small Businesses Are Saving Our Main Streets and What It’s Like.

Meanwhile, director Jo Il Hyung who has actively worked in the US, particularly the American Film Institute, will make his first feature film through #ALIVE

#ALIVE is set to hit the big screen in South Korea in late June.

Source: iMBC

Photos Credit To: Lotte Entertainment