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ASTRO Members MJ And Sanha To Read Stories And Give Advice In Their New Variety Show

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ASTRO members MJ and Sanha will be listening to embarrassing and frustrating stories for their upcoming variety show.

ASTRO members MJ and Sanha will be hosting their very own digital variety show through tvN D called Blanket Kicking Night (literal title).

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The group’s oldest and youngest member will be pairing up to ease viewers’ embarrassment and help them sleep at night for a new variety show they will be hosting together.

Blanket Kicking Night is a talk show in visual radio-format. Designed for timid people who need to vent out their frustration and embarrassment, they can send anonymous letters to the show. The two MCs will then read these letters and provide comfort and advice through the show.

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However, the ASTRO members who are known for their fun charms will receive an additional challenge for the series. While reading the stories, they are not allowed to laugh no matter how funny or embarrassing the story is. If they do so, they will be punished.

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Additionally, MJ and Sanha will also impart small tips on how listeners can momentarily forget about their embarrassing moments at the end of every episode. They are also tasked to “kick the blanket”, like the show’s title implies, out of embarrassment on behalf of the listeners.

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tvN D has started asking for story submissions through their official YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Anyone with an embarrassing or frustrating story are encouraged to write to the show – no other qualifications required.

Blanket Kicking Night will air its first episode on July 18 at 10 PM KST through tvN D’s YouTube and Facebook page.