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K-Drama Mid Series Check: “Devilish Charm” Continues To Enchant Through Fetching Love Pairing

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Sustaining its addictive romantic rush, Devilish Charm is heading to a fulfilling love journey on its second half stride.

Devilish Charm

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Sweet and simple – has always been the ambiance of Devilish Charm each week. Reminiscent of a romance novel story you enjoyed while growing up, it takes the endearing fated love theme to depict the story of Gi Beum and Ma Sung.

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From its premiere week serving, the series has charmed the viewers with the whirlwind romance that happened between top star Gi Beum and surgeon Ma Sung. Unfortunately, it got interrupted after an unfortunate accident which caused the two to lose contact with each other – until they meet again three years after.

However, continuing the disrupted romance will not be easy with Ma Sung’s complicated memory illness and Gi Beum’s struggle to get back her career.

Apparently, when the two agreed to meet three years ago, Ma Sung got hit by a vehicle causing him to forget what he did the previous day when he wakes up. He has to go on a rigid routine of documenting his life, so as not to impede his functions in the hospital he currently serves as a director.

Meanwhile, Gi Beum has been blamed for the death of the top actor who initially planned to drug and sleep with her. She reached the rock bottom of her career, even after being acquitted of the murder case.

When Ma Sung wakes up remembering his encounter with Gi Beum one day, the strange change triggers him to confront her about his connection, and through constant meetings, their hearts seem to follow the invisible thread that has been connecting them all those years.

Along with external problems from Gi Beum’s former manager who is determined to stop her from returning to the entertainment industry plus Ma Sung’s discovery of her aunt’s betrayal is his sudden recollection of the love memories he shared with Gi Beum, which has been buried because of his accident. But the question of having his recovered memory being a curse or a celebration will be unfolded in the future chapters.

Consistent Sweet Treat

Devilish Charm coincided with serious toned dramas so it serves as the saturation breaker with its endearing romantic mood. Albeit the trite conflicts surrounding the main leads, the writing and story trajectory let the viewers swing in candied highs due to the love pairings’ interestingly hooking on-screen romance.

Although focused on the love fulfillment, the series has managed to power the romance moments without disregarding the side stories and characters. As always, that is a plus point for rom-com stories. Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon’s bickering and saccharine frames serve as the fuel that keeps the viewers faithful to the weekly dose of their story.

Special mention to Hoya for adding the hilarious kicks in the story.

Devilish Charm

The first half of Devilish Charm maintained a winsome spectacle, thus it is safe to say that it will conclude to a satisfying closure.

Watch the remaining eight episodes of Devilish Charm on MBN.