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K-Drama Premiere: “Devilish Charm” Traces Lost Love Memories In Classic Rom-Com Feels

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Devilish Charm casts an entrancing romantic spell with a squishy bait which makes you root for the love couple right away.

Choi Jin Hyuk (Tunnel) and Song Ha Yoon (Fight For My Way) surprisingly put me on uninterrupted two-hour K-drama binge with their engaging love tale in MBN’s Devilish Charm.

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The clear opening week and the feel of watching your favorite love novel came to life on the television screen are some of the reasons why this new drama engrossed me a lot on its first outing.

Devilish Charm


Pilot Week Recap

Ju Gi Beum, a famous Korean star (Song Ha Yoon), goes overseas for a commercial shoot but loses her way in Hainan, China. When she urgently needs to use a toilet, she pleads a nearby Korean man, Gong Ma Seong (Choi Jin Hyuk) to buy her a mango juice so she can enter the restaurant.

After relieving herself, she encounters a bunch of perverts and gets rescued by Ma Seong, who is piqued on the lost damsel in distress in a foreign country.

Gi Beum mutually feels the same spark Ma Seong has as they agree for an impromptu day tour of the foreign place. The mutual fondness escalates to a sweet kiss sealing a whirlwind romance for the two who promise to meet an hour at the spot where they kissed.

To commemorate his sweet encounter, Ma Seong gets a tattoo of a flower he saw with Gi Beum. But he overhears Gi Beum’s CEO and a top actor conniving for a plan to have the latter sleeps with Gi Beum, so he follows them but a speeding truck hit him.

Gi Beum goes home feeling dejected not finding Ma Seong in their rendezvous and forcedly joins the top actor for a drink unaware that he had drugged her drink.

Devilish Charm

Three years later, Ma Seong survives the accident but suffers Cinderella syndrome. He forgets whatever happened to him the day before. He manages to get by through keeping a journal and fixed itineraries to help him with his activities.

Gi Beum on the other hand falls out from her top star status – even when she was proven innocent over the death of the top star who drugged her. She runs an online shopping business and do gigs for an internet show.

Because of her upset stomach caused by the internet shoot, she goes to a hospital and bumps with Ma Seong, who cannot recognize her anymore. Their sour meeting is made even worse with the camera being broken by Ma Seong, which causes Gi Beum to lose her part-time job and another debt to pay.

The next day, Ma Seong wakes up with flashes of memories from his encounter with Gi Beum which he did not write on his journal. He learns from his secretary the identity of the girl so he orders clothes to see her in person. Surprised that she knows his house not knowing that it used to be Gi Beum’s house, he confronts her if they used to be lovers – to which she denied.

She goes home to a sullen mood and is greeted by Sung Ki Joon (Lee Ho Won), Ma Seong’s nephew, who recently established an entertainment company in his goal to revive Gi Beum’s career. They bring the clothes that Ma Seong bought at his whim to subway hobos to find its purpose.

Gi Beum finds Ma Seong waiting for her in the house and learns about his memory problem. Baffled at her strange link to his thoughts, he confronts her to spill their connection so he can decide whether to erase her or not in his memory the next day. She responds to do so and walks away from the man she kissed three years ago.

Devilish Charm


Devilish Charm brews a concoction of fleeting almost love that easily pulls the viewers in owing to the lead couple’s onscreen chemistry. It fascinates on the premise of how the disrupted romance gets another chance to come true – even with the male lead’s memory condition and the heroine’s struggle to keep up with her optimism amidst the slump she unfairly suffered.

MBN’s new romantic comedy is safely delivering while using staple cliches, credits to Choi and Song’s interestingly attractive pairing. It looks to head to an auspicious saccharine tale, which incorporates sensible emotional frames plus fan service treats.

Devilish Charm airs on MBN and Dramax every Wednesday and Thursday beginning September 5.

Watch it on K-PLUS channel.

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