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K-Drama Premiere: “Mad Dog” Delivers The Exciting Picture Of Special Investigators Probing Insurance Fraud

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Mad Dog banners a team of savvy insurance fraud investigators in KBS’s midweek drama spot.

Mad Dog

Yoo Ji Tae (The Good Wife) takes the code name Mad Dog, and leads a genius team of crime busting individuals focusing on insurance deceptions.

Choi Kang Woo works as a manager of a big insurance company’s investigative unit with Ryu Hwa Young (Father is Strange). But when his family died on a plane crash, he leaves the company to form a group with ex-con Cheetah (Jo Jae Yoon) and computer geek Pentium (Kim Hye Sung).

Mad Dog

While working on a case involving an architect who has swindled insurance money through his projects, Mad Dog and his team encounter con artist Kim Min Joon, portrayed by Woo Do Hwan (Rescue Me). He turns out to be the brother of the assistant pilot, who caused the plane crash that killed Kang Woo’s family.

Kudos to Mad Dog for a neat opening salvo and proper introduction of what the viewers should look forward to. As crime dramas tend to saturate emotionally, I think the subtle crime regarding insurance fraud gives an interesting mix to the heap of romantic Korean dramas showing at the present moment.

Mad Dog

The platform of indemnification related crimes requires clever characters, so it is nice that we met everyone on board as the show sprints on cases that will be solved successively. The cliff hanger thrown about Min Joon and Kang Woo’s sad connection is one of the reasons why I will not drop this out of my watch list. Aside from that, it is really the catchy premise of insurance trickery, and because Yoo Ji Tae does not pick TV projects that do not gratify.


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