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PD Na Young Seok Hits It Big With “Kang’s Kitchen” And “Youn’s Kitchen 2”

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Na Young Seok is indeed a star producer of (kitchen) variety shows!

Well-known variety producer Na Young Seok is adding more accolades to his name with shows Kang’s Kitchen and Youn’s Kitchen 2.

The two reality programs, which are both aired on cable channel tvN, took the top two spots on weekly TV ratings chart. Kang’s Kitchen led the list with 257.7 score, while Youn’s Kitchen 2 followed with 243 score on the Content Power Index (CPI) for the first week of January.

CPI measures the level of popularity and influence on consumer behavior of all entertainment programs on television, aired on major networks and cable channels during prime time.

Kang Kitchen

Image source: tvN

Aside from topping CPI, the two shows have also showcased high viewership ratings on their respective time slot. According to Nielsen Korea, Kang’s Kitchen earned a viewership rating of 8.3 percent for its fifth episode. The show is a spin-off to another popular reality show by Na called New Journey to the West.

The spin-off reunited the cast of New Journey to the West season 4 except SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyu Hyun, who is currently serving in the army. It ended its run on January 9, with a nationwide rating of 5.88 percent after six episodes.

On the other hand, Youn’s Kitchen 2 started its run with solid rating, recording 14.8 percent on its second episode. The Korean reality show’s rating is a record high for an entertainment show on tvN. The show retained its casting for the first season sans actor Shin Goo. Instead, Park Seo Joon joined the cast in Spain.

Youn Kitchen

Image source: tvN

The Producer Behind Kang’s and Youn’s

Prior before joining tvN, Na worked under the wing of public broadcasting channel KBS, where he produced the popular travel show 2 Days & 1 Night. He also worked as a producer-director for Star Golden BellHigh Five and The Human Condition.

In 2013, he moved to the cable channel, and has since produced hit programs like Grandpa Over Flowers and Three Meals A Day and their spin-offs.

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