Launch Poster Of Park Shin Hye’s Latest Movie “Call” Unveiled

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Park Shin Hye is all set to put the audience at edge with her thriller movie Call.

Park Shin Hye is returning to the big screen soon with her newest movie titled Call. Next Entertainment World confirmed that the movie will be released in March and also dropped a launch poster featuring intense visuals.

The movie Call is a mystery thriller that tells the story of two women who live in different timelines, past and present. Both these women are connected by a single phone call. It is a feature film debut of director Lee Chung Hyun, who had garnered praises for his short film Ransom.

Park Shin Hye Call

Starting with a unique route that changes everything with a single phone linking the past and the future, Call showcases a varied content apart from the mystery thriller genre. It will include tension-filled and unpredictable stories with unique characters.

Headlining the movie is top actress Park Shin Hye, who has constantly showed different charms in each of her works. She takes on the role of Seo Yeon who lives on the present. Joining her is actress Jeon Jong Seo who received massive recognition for her performance in Burning. She will be playing Young Sook, a woman from the past who seeks to change the future.

Both main actresses are raising expectations for their highly anticipated acting in the movie. Additionally, Kim Sung Ryung, Lee El, Park Ho San, Oh Jeong Se, and Dong Ki Ri complete the strong casting lineup to herald the production of the most mysterious thriller of the year.

The released poster is eye-catching, with various symbols added to the symmetry between two women, Seo Yeon (Park Shin Hye) and Young Sook (Jeon Jong Seo), who are trying to change the past and the future. Also, the two people looking at different places connected by unidentified lines raise questions and tensions about their connection.

In particular, the quote “The phone rings and everything changes” foreshadows the fate of two women, when the past and the present gets aligned and everything changes. This new mystery thriller Call is expected to fascinate everyone in the first half of the year, with its genre and fresh appeal.

The movie Call, which will brings forth a different story that has never been seen before, is scheduled to be released this year in March.

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