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K-Drama Recap: “The Miracle We Met” Episodes 3-6

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The soul mix-up gets more complicated and exciting as The Miracle We Met hits its second and third week!

The fantasy melodrama adds more twists and turns to its already mind-boggling plot after its drama-filled pilot week. The story gets more thrilling as the mysteries involving the two Song Hyun Chuls slowly start to unravel.

Here’s a rundown of highlights from episodes 3-6:

A New Love for Hye Jin?

During the previous episode, Hye Jin (Kim Hyun Joo) was seen interacting with a customer (Joseph Lee) who approaches her to look for a book. He seemed pleased with how she deals with customers, and we got a glimpse of him looking at Hye Jin’s employee profile after. The episode picks up with him showing up at the store again and enlisting for Hye Jin’s help. Hye Jin happily assists him and the two are seen to be getting closer as time passes. He even invites her to lunch, to which she obliged, and it seems like something other than friendship is brewing between the two.

Later on, he finally reveals his identity to Hye Jin and formally introduces himself as Geum Sung Moo, the store’s new CEO.

Ato Gets Back-up

Ato (EXO’s Kai) still feels remorseful over his mistake which led to Hyun Chul’s current situation. He keeps watching over Hyun Chul (Kim Myung Min) and asks for help from his superiors, who soon sends him a back-up party. His reinforcement comes in the form of Mao, the gods’ communication head with 11,894 personalities – which is why his/her form changes every time. Mao scolds Ato for his mistake and calls causing trouble in the mortal world a disgrace to their republic, which makes Ato feel even guiltier. Mao informs Ato that he/she will accompany him until Hyun Chul gets back home – which is proving to be a harder task the more time passes.

The two are set on bringing Hyun Chul back to Yeon Hwa (Ra Mi Ran) and starts to meddle with the mortals’ lives. It is revealed that the two were responsible for bringing Hye Jin and Sung Mo closer. They aim to make two mortals fall in love with each other to make things easier for Hyun Chul. However, the two admit that they do not have the ability to control human feelings.

Mao wonders if Hyun Chul would eventually want to return to his old life as Hyun Chul B readily after getting to live as Hyun Chul A.

Hyun Chul Is Becoming… Hyun Chul?

Our main man decides he’s had enough of just sitting around and goes back to his work at Shinhwa Bank. He is treated like a celebrity on the day of his return, with people congratulating him on his recovery left and right. Hyun Chul asks for everyone’s – even the bank president’s – help in re-learning the ropes of his job, which shocks them. In addition to that, he asks his employees to give feedback and write down complaints about him, especially the corrupt acts he’s done that they may be aware of. Because of this, even the employees point out that he’s acting out of character, with some assuming that his sudden kindness is faux.

Hyun Chul freaks out when a client talks to him in English and realizes that he could understand it perfectly. Moreover, he could read English and Chinese texts with no problems at all too. He starts to adopt the original Hyun Chul’s habits, like the way he brushes his teeth. Despite this, he swears to himself that he would not live the same way as Hyun Chul A, especially after he finds out how evil he was.

The Hunt for the Culprit

Despite their unpleasant first meeting, Detective Park (Jun Suk Ho) and Yeon Hwa have decided to work together in catching the culprit behind Hyun Chul’s accident. They pin someone they found on the convenience store’s CCTV going near Hyun Chul’s car before the accident as a primary suspect. Yeon Hwa encounters this person, whose face is always hidden behind a hoodie, several times and it troubles her.

Detective Park finds out about Hyun Chul’s loan incident and goes to Shinhwa Bank to investigate. He interrogates the employee, who then directs him to Song Hyun Chul, the bank manager. The detective is flabbergasted not only by the two having the same name, but also of Hyun Chul’s reaction when he finds out about the case.

Hyun Chul gets taken aback and only then does he realize that he knew Shinhwa Bank because of the loan incident. He recognizes Hyun Chul as the manager who doubted his insistence that he never took out a loan before. Hyun Chul gets extremely mad at Hyun Chul A for not believing him back then. He blames Hyun Chul A for his death and punches a mirror out of anger. He tells Detective Park that Hyun Chul B was wronged and asks him to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, a guy goes to the police station and introduces himself as a journalist. He stealthily puts a surveillance camera under Detective Park’s desk.

The Mistress

Utterly devastated by the realization that the body he is in now is that of the man who gave him trouble then, Hyun Chul goes out to drink. During his pity party, Hyun Chul A’s former mistress and deputy manager in the bank Kwak Hyo Joo (Yoon Ji Hye) shows up and tells him that he was the one who fabricated Hyun Chul B’s loan. He gets even more furious at Hyun Chul A, and when Hye Jin calls him, he projects his anger on her.

The two mysterious people involved in Hyun Chul B’s accident from the earlier episodes show up again, and they talk about Hyun Chul’s deep interest in the case. It is revealed that Hyo Joo, who was shown logging in to Hyun Chul’s work account earlier, is one of the two. She threatens Hyun Chul to stop investigating the case because it will just harm him. She tells him that the police are already working on the case, and Hyun Chul questions her on how she found out about the investigation being conducted.

Meet Kang Ho

Hye Jin and Hyun Chul’s son Kang Ho (Seo Dong Hyun) is finally introduced on the show as an easy-going teenage boy with a keen interest in treasures and adventures. He runs away from home with his two friends. This concerns Hye Jin deeply and starts posing a problem between her and Hyun Chul, especially after they don’t hear from him for a few days.

He and his friends almost get hit by a truck, had Ato not appeared in time to save them. He makes himself visible to the three and strikes a conversation with them, who immediately look up to him. However, when he reviews the video taken by his helmet camera, he doesn’t see Ato in it, which scares him.

It is also revealed that Kang Ho goes to the same school as Hyun Chul B’s daughter Ji Soo (Kim Hwan Hee). They often get into fights with each other, especially after Ji Soo’s father died. Despite one incident leading to Ji Soo hitting Kang Ho, it is shown that they do not absolutely hate each other.

Bring It Back

Yeon Hwa asks Hyun Chul to meet with her and she recognizes him as the lunatic who claimed to be her husband before. He weaves a lie by introducing himself as Heo Dong Goo and telling her that he and Hyun Chul became friends after buying a lottery ticket. However, he ran away and took the money. He lists the guilt he felt over his action when Hyun Chul died as the reason behind sending them money earlier. Yeon Hwa asks him if he remembers making a scene before and Hyun Chul tells her that he came from an asylum then.

The two meet again when they get called over after Kang Ho and Ji Soo stirred a fight in their school. Hye Jin arrives a little later, and this is the first time the three leads are in one room. They find out that their children often fight with each other, but to everyone’s surprise, Hyun Chul defends Ji Soo instead of Kang Ho. His fatherly instinct over Ji Soo takes over, and he even lets little details that not everyone knows about her slip, like her astigmatism. Hyun Chul and Hye Jin end up apologizing to Yeon Hwa and Ji Soo for Kang Ho’s actions instead.

Hyun Chul hugs a crying Ji Soo when they get out, and both Hye Jin and Yeon Hwa witness this scene.

No Lies Stay Undetected

Hyun Chul’s suspicion gets the best of him, and he proceeds to do his own investigation as well. He gets help from his employees to access the loan records. Hyun Chul finds out that the loan under his name was already paid back and canceled when he was in the hospital. He also found out which branch and employee took care of the loan. He calls the branch looking for the employee named Oh Seung Joon, but they tell him that he had been on leave for six months already.

On the other hand, Yeon Hwa finds out the truth about Hyun Chul’s identity through Detective Park. She is confused as to why Hyun Chul lied to her and told him that his name was Heo Dong Goo. Despite this, she tells Detective Park that Hyun Chul A is a good person and that the two Hyun Chuls are friends. When Yeon Hwa confronted Hyun Chul about it, he told her he lied for her sake. He said he didn’t want her to be reminded of her deceased husband and feel sad about it again, which Yeon Hwa understood. Yeon Hwa, who now works for an insurance company, also finds out that he was involved in a car accident the same day as her husband.

The Falling Out

The Miracle We Met

Despite starting to develop a soft spot for the new Hyun Chul, Hye Jin remained adamant about splitting with him. Perhaps triggered by the rage he displayed earlier when she called him, Hye Jin convinces herself that the Hyun Chul she once knew will eventually come back. She hands him the divorce papers and says she doesn’t want to get hurt anymore.

Hyun Chul asks her why she endured her husband’s treatment all these years. He tells her that she should have filed a divorce with him long ago, seeing how bad of a man he is. He agrees to sign the papers teary-eyed and goes to work the next day looking really forlorn.

Is this the end for Hye Jin and Hyun Chul? Will he get to return to his old life with Yeon Hwa? Who’s the other culprit behind Hyun Chul’s accident? Find out more in the next episodes of The Miracle We Met!

The Miracle We Met airs on KBS every Monday and Tuesday.

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