10 Highs & Hitches Captured In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” Episodes 5 & 6

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Even being narcissistic, VP Lee has been slowly swerving to adjust his personality as the call of romance seeps through his body in the third week of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young continued to hike up their first drama pairing, with the former solidifying his rom-com magic while the latter seamlessly fitting in to her light role.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim notched a new high record topping pay TV platforms this week with an average of 7.7% nationwide viewership rating.

Sibling issues for the hero which was introduced in passing from the early episodes are shaping up to propel the problems that will be tackled in the story.


What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? Episode Recaps

EPISODES: 1 & 2, 3 & 4

Here are the highlights of the third week for What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

1. “From now on, I’m going to be madly in love with you. That’s what is written in that childish romance book.”

Young Joon snaps back to reality after the charged, magical moment of his sweet love declaration. He retracts it with an excuse to confirm if he has just stumbled on the concept of romance based on the childish book he read. Mi So educates her boss about the magic of nutrition-defying food like ramyun which he enjoyed with gusto. His mood lights up even more when his friend Director Park explained that a woman offering a man to eat ramyun with her is as good as the girl admitting she likes the man in reference to the iconic Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Young Ae film, One Fine Spring Day.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

2. “Papers are dangerous.”

Young Joon pulls another surprise for Secretary Kim by picking her up so they can go together for work. She motions to drive but he stops her from doing it. His heart slips again, as he mutters how pretty she looks that morning so he counters it with her bad fashion taste citing how she always wears the same shirt. He then reaches for a top grade breakfast prepared for her and lets her enter the elevator first, standing side by side with her which perplexes Mi So.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Mi So enters his room to apply healing ointment on his wound but the close proximity spurs sparks between them so she mumbles for him to do it on his own. Fumbling, she cuts herself with a paper, pushing Young Joon to react and tend to the small cut right away. She peers at his worried face as he mutters how he will check documents using a tablet from now on claiming how paper can be dangerous. sweet.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim


3. “Excuse me, please remove the vase. She is allergic to flowers.”

Mi So’s mind still floats on her boss’ sweet but strange behavior. Her reverie is cut when her trainee tells her that a guest is waiting in the lobby.

She wonders why the man she bumped with is there to meet her so she politely dismisses him. She stops on her track when he mentions how she emailed him in the first place to meet as Mi So realizes that she is talking to her favorite novelist. They go for a quiet lunch out and he quickly realizes Mi So’s allergy to flowers. Morpheus promises to update her with his decision about the book concert proposal.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

4. “Could you please explain why are you being like this?”

In trying to make Mi So comfortable on his grand romantic plans, VP Lee’s brilliant mind deduces how he has to adjust for his love confession plan to work out. He seeks recommendations from his employees of a restaurant where his taste and Mi So’s comfort zone will meet. He tells Mi So of his planned dinner and she agrees. She goes to buy a new dress and dolls up for her evening date. But Morpheus called and asks her to meet him. She meets the author in front of the restaurant where Young Joon is already waiting and she beams when Morpheus agrees to her proposal.

Young joon who steps out to meet her date sees red on the sight of Mi So happily accepting his brother’s new book. He drags Mi So inside and hears her explanation that Morpheus is the author she has been courting to grace the book concert.

Young Joon orders not to get the author for the event so his secretary asks why. He hits a nerve when he blabs that he does not need to explain everything to her. Deflated, Mi So utters to be excused on what he is intending to tell her. He rubs salt to the injury to go ahead since what he is about to say is not that important.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

5. “Please don’t confuse me ever again.”

The next day, the flash news arrives in the office about Morpheus being the guest writer for the upcoming book concert so Mi So confronts her boss about the sudden change of mind.

She chides him for making her believe that all the nice gestures he has been doing for her are sincere. With defiant eyes, she tells him not to sway her emotions again.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

6. “I apologize.”

Mi So ignores her boss when he points out that his neck tie is misaligned. He mulls over how he can make up for the harsh outburst just when Mi So learns about Morpheus being Young Joon’s older brother. Young Joon musters all the non-narcissistic cells in his body and embellishes them with sincerity so he can say sorry to his secretary. Understanding where he is coming, Mi So apologizes for being carried away by her emotions.

At night, Mi So sits beside her boss who rushes with the paperworks he was not able to do because he has been preoccupied with the thoughts of how to make up with her. The mood, the gazes, and the cupid’s waves make Young Joon halts his business. He tells Mi So how she mentioned last time not to stir her heart. He inches closer to her and declares that he wants to stir her heart again. He corners her on the chair and she closes her eyes to receive the kiss. But just as their lips faintly touch, he pushes her away.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

7. “I am taking a day off tomorrow!”

Young Joon who apparently had flashes of his nightmarish childhood memory appeals to Mi So about his uncalled for breaking of the magical moment, but she reaches her limit citing how she would have to choose between two awkwardly bad first kiss stories if someone will curiously asks about it. She announces taking a day off the next day and sarcastically smiles how she won’t be able to bear looking at his face.

At night she meets his sister and learns how Young Joon’s strange kiss reaction might have been caused by a trauma. Mi So receives an I-am-sorry message from him. She replies that she does not know what he should apologize for. Young Joon’s narcissism kicks in mumbling how could Mi So have forgotten the sweet and charged moment they shared.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

8. “Cancel my schedule today. I have an urgent business.”

Lee Sung Yeon (Morpheus) visits his brother in his office coming from the meeting for his book concert. He proposes a truce for the sake of their parents who seem happy hearing about them working together for the company.

Overhearing trainee Secretary Kim’s phone conversation with Mi So that she is just staying at home, Young Joon tells her to cancel his schedule and heads to where Mi So is. He pleads her to give him a chance to make it up for her and draws a scheduled over the top day out activity for them to share. Mi So declines his extravagant itinerary and drags her to a bus tour where his weak knees betray him. They dine at a humble restaurant as she grills some pig skin while sharing a story of how her family frequented the place since they couldn’t afford pricey restaurants before. They proceed to a night stroll and spot a toy claw machine that challenged and humiliated Young Joon who is not able to get one for her.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

9. “Did you stare at me all day like that because you thought I was the boy you have been looking for all these years?”

Mi So learns from the reporter she had a blind date with about the identity of the kidnapped child she was with when she was young to be the son of Yun Myung group. She connects Young Joon’s cable wire trauma and his ankle scar to conclude that she is the boy she has been looking for ages so she acts extra nice to him. She gets teary eyed when Young Joon hands her a stuffed toy from the machine, making her remember glimpses of her shared painful memory with a boy in her past.

But then she sees a story by Morpheus detailing the events that she remembers from her past so she asks Young Joon directly about it. Dejected, Young Joon confirms her sudden chirpy mood sprang from thinking that he is the boy she met before. He affirms that it is his brother who was kidnapped before.

Mi So bumps into Sung Yeon who just signed a contract and was looking for her. He confirms his dark past but reveals he does not have recollection of what happened. He also tells Mi So how he was bullied by Young Joon when they were young, which is the exact opposite of what her boss previously told her about his sour and estranged relationship with his older brother.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

10. “Because you are Kim Mi So.”

Mi So goes to Young Joon’s house to update his books and stumbles on the folder where the CVs of his secretary applicants are filed. She scans the excellent qualifications of her fellow applicants then and wonders why she got the job when her specs can’t be compared with them. Young Joon appears and voices out the exact thoughts running in her mind. With welling tears in his eyes, he tells her that he hired her because she is Kim Mi So.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

The truth behind our lead cast’s backstory needs to be revealed as soon as possible because dragging romance in a rom-com tends to taint the core of the love plot.

Let’s hope Young Joon’s indecisiveness will not drag. His baby steps in acknowledging that he is capable of feeling a different kind of emotion towards another person apart from him has been an endearing journey, but it may overwhelm the heroine’s character growth if he continuously dwells on over-analyzing his feelings.

Catch episodes 7 and 8 of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? on tvN and tvN Asia this week.



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