CRAVITY Successfully Wraps “HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE” Debut Showcase on V LIVE

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Bursting with energy and delight, CRAVITY captivate fans with their endless charms in recently-concluded debut showcase.

Rookie boy group CRAVITY successfully held their debut showcase on V LIVE on April 14, 8 PM KST. Filled with smiles and cheers, CRAVITY greets everyone as they introduced their first mini-album HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.

Fun-filled debut showcase

Starting with the non-title track “JUMPER”, CRAVITY bounced and jumped as they performed their opening stage. They filled the stage with various delights – ranging from an energetic stage to each of the members’ colorful charms.

MC Park Seul Ki asked the members how they feel and the members revealed their feelings one-by-one. “I still feel like dreaming. Actually, this morning I dreamed of this V LIVE debut and right now this feels like a dream”, Taeyoung claimed.

Meanwhile, leader Serim stated that his dream of debuting and  performing with his beloved members came true. “Just having and performing for this stage is truly an honor, and I wanted to relay my gratitude once again to our fans. Thank you!”, Wonjin says. Moreover, Woobin explains that being a singer has been his long-time dream and being able to perform as a singer on stage is a great honor as well. Despite being nervous, Jungmo says that he’s still very happy.

The members then actively introduced their debut album by unboxing the three versions of of the album. Also, they played the nine profile bingo which features their respective charms and points.

In particular, the members explained their title track “Break all the Rules.”. They said it is a message for the youth which calls for breaking the rules that he has locked himself in. The song possesses powerful beat and impressive choreography.

Monsta x  Joohoney’s gift

Recently, it has been reported that CRAVITY’s b-side track “JUMPER” was a gift from their sweet hyung Joohoney of MONSTA X. The sweet and meaningful interaction demonstrated the warm friendship as seniors and juniors. The group expressed their appreciation for the fans’ love and support given to the song.

Starting with the opening stage “JUMPER”, the album’s warm-hearted song “Stay” flaunted a soft and sweet sentiment, while the title track “Break all the Rules” showed off its explosive energy, powerful sound and fascinating performance.

CRAVITY’s early success

As a result, CRAVITY’s live broadcast on V LIVE attained one million viewers and surpasses 260 million hearts . In addition, CRAVITY achieved the top spot on Twitter real-time trends worldwide. Furthermore, the group also secured the top spot on major music site charts right after the album’s release. The early success was a great feat for the group which made them obtain the title Super Rookie of 2020.

Meanwhile, Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, Sungmin released their debut album HIDEOUT: REMEMEMEMBER WHO WE ARE on April 14 and will actively participate K-Pop scene while promoting their title song “Break all the Rules.”


Watch the debut showcase replay here on V LIVE.

PR Source: Starship Entertainment
Images and Video Credit: Starship Entertainment

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