IU To Perform At The 2021 MMA After Four Years With “Strawberry Moon”

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IU will return to the Melon Music Awards stage for the first time in four years with her newest song, “Strawberry Moon”.

IU will perform on the Melon Music Awards stage this year, marking the artist’s first stage at the ceremony in four years. She will perform her latest track, “Strawberry Moon” during the event which is hosted by Melon, Kakao Entertainment’s music platform.


During the 2017 ceremony, IU received awards for her projects that year including Palette and A Flower Bookmark 2. She achieved awards including the TOP 10 Award, Songwriter Award, and Album of the Year. Additionally, IU took to the stage with a breathtaking rendition of her track, “Dear Name”.

The performance featured a 60-person choir, comprised of aspiring musicians, which received praise from viewers for its resonating emotions and beauty.

This year, IU will impress once more. Performing her newest song, “Strawberry Moon”, the artist will deliver a stage with the theme of “the door that connects the end of 20s and the beginning of 30.”

Furthermore, the singer will deliver a 100% live performance alongside an 8-member band.

In regards to the upcoming performance, Melon stated, “The whole story is tailored to the story of artist IU, so you will feel as if you are at IU’s concert.”

The 2021 MMA will occur both in-person as well as online on December 4 at 6 PM KST. Further information regarding the ceremony is available on the Melon app, webpage, the awards channel of Kakao TV, in addition to its official SNS platforms.

Meanwhile, IU continues displaying her charting power with “Strawberry Moon”. The artist recently achieved a certified all-kill, becoming her third track to reach this acclaimed status this year alone.

Her upcoming MMA stage will showcase the beauty of “Strawberry Moon” in a refreshing way, further exhibiting her performing talents.

Source: OSEN

Image and Video Source: Melon | 1theK

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