Red Velvet’s Yeri Demonstrates Lovely Visuals And Admirable Figure In Latest Vogue Korea Pictorial

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Serving as inspiration for the youth, Red Velvet’s Yeri veered towards a chic and sporty concept for her latest Vogue Korea feature!

Yeri of powerhouse girl group Red Velvet exhibited her unrivaled charisma and stunning features in her recent photoshoot with Vogue Korea.

yeri vogue korea

While sporting mesmerizing yoga outfits, the stunning artist caught the hearts not just of REVELUVs but all K-Pop fans with her top-tier visuals. 

Shot against soft and neutral-toned backdrops, Yeri aced the pictorial’s unusual concept with her posh image and natural beauty.

Her outstanding confidence and versatile aura also stood out as she demonstrates various mesmerizing and subtle poses. Yeri’s lovely gestures and straightforward facial expressions also added a different appeal and touch to the photos. 

The flawless makeup look and laid-back hairstyle perfectly complimented Yeri’s demure and lovely image. With these, the photos definitely received massive praise and hype from fans who are patiently waiting for Red Velvet’s return as a group.

Notably, the photoshoot featured special pieces from the famous international athletic clothes brand Lululemon. 


In an accompanying interview, Yeri spoke candidly about her current interests, particularly her love for pilates. She also talked about how she maintains a healthy lifestyle through the food she eats.

yeri vogue korea

Describing the routine that she does while in the middle of her drama filming, Yeri shared that she always exercises before going to work to gain more energy.

“[Exercising] has become a habit now. While waking up the mind and body, I also feel fresh, and my depleted energy is filled up. Of course, I eat breakfast too.”

The idol also mentioned that she typically blend ghee butter, coconut milk, and almond milk together to create a grain drink and this is what she consumes every day as part of her ketogenic diet.

“I also drink detox water with dried fruit chips inside. It’s what my pilates teacher told me, this way I drink water more and the electrolytes will be more balanced.”

yeri vogue korea

Expressing her affection for pilates, Yeri said that it is an exercise that became a turning point in her 20s.

“When my pilates teacher saw me for the first time, she said that I have no energy and I look depressed. It was a time when I was emotionally tired. That time, I thought exercise was like a hard and tough thing to do just to sweat but as I do it day by day, I thought that it is not hard but instead it is refreshing,” she added.


When asked about her new motto in life, the artist shared that loving herself has definitely helped her maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

She said, “Everyone is having a hard period but I think friends that are of my age tend to forget how to love and take care of themselves. Don’t neglect yourself and put attention to your well-being.”

Fans can know more about Yeri’s interview and see more of her enthralling photos in Vogue Korea’s June 2021 issue, its official website, and social media channels.

Meanwhile, Yeri will star in PLAYLIST’s upcoming web drama Blue Birthday, alongside PENTAGON’s Hongseok.

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Photos from Vogue Korea