10 Inspiring Korean Dramas With Women Empowering Messages

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we look back on some of the best Korean dramas that highlight the unwavering fortitude of a woman

These Korean dramas have featured awe-inspiring female leads and their journeys to claim their inner worth while bringing warmth through their heartening stories.

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Romance Is A Bonus Book

Lee Na Young breathes life to Kang Dan Yi, a woman who unfortunately had problems securing a job that fits her qualification after a career break to take care of her family. She eventually has to settle working as a contract employee doing menial jobs. Despite the downshift to what she is capable of, she decides to see the silver lining on the challenges thrown at her.

Her character gives the realization on that harsh truth of how career breaks impact women when it should not be the case. While the effect of innovations missed during changing times is a factor to consider for career returning women, the companies should understand the role of women in a family. With established skilled set that was temporarily unused, getting the hang of it again is a manageable thing to do.

Romance is a Bonus Book

When the Camellia Blooms

Fully understanding that her being soft-hearted left her fewer retreat routes to protect herself and her loved ones, she moves to change. Her character development served as the lingering impression of the series. The endearing at times mushy romance was just a bonus.

With a woman-empowering theme, this drama is a superb encouraging watch not just for single mothers, but for women of all ages. More so, the parent-child bond scenes abundant in the drama provided thoughtful lessons making the series perfect to watch with your family.

When the Camellia Blooms reminds us that happiness is not supposed to be chased. It has to be savored right at the very moment it happens. Although problems decorate life, and it’s not something that we want to welcome – it inevitably arises to make us stronger.

Scent of a Woman

This Kim Sun Ah drama screams YOLO mantra. It leaves a deep impact focusing on the self-esteem of women. The story threads on a woman who has deprived herself of experiencing the beautiful things in life and finds out that she is dying. Because of her situation, she decides to complete her life bucket list.

The tears, the smiles, the regrets, and the optimism of the strong heroine would inspire women. Since watching it then, I have promised myself to balance worrying about the future while living at the moment.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Presenting the back story in the waning episodes gave the truth of how the ousted King had only wanted his people to accept new culture and technology. A vision that the antiquated moral standard of Joseon cannot accept.

It also includes a few depictions of how the women and the commoners are deprived of privileges that are enjoyed by those with ranks in the society. A call to change, even with the suppression, have made the side stories of the series connecting smoothly along with the inserted love elements.

With a gregarious heroine, who sprees on raising changes for the benefit of the people; and a prince who supports her idea along the way, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung concocted a ruminative story that has substance to learn on and romantic moments to make viewers’ hearts sweetly skip a beat.

Shin Se Kyung

Something in the Rain

For women who constantly end up committing the same love relationship mistakes, Son Ye Jin’s portrayal of Yoo Jin Ah is a great inspiration. Her meek character has indirectly caused her to be taken advantage who viewed her as weak and submissive. But then she decides to change for the better, inspired by the selfless devotion of a man who loves her.

There is a lot more to life than engaging to a relationship which makes you pity yourself. Something In The Rain bravely provides insights to women on how they should claim the love they deserve.

Something in the Rain

Because This is My First Life

No self-help books can teach how life can be lived perfectly the first time. In this emotionally perceptive drama, we are given pep talks on how to burst happiness on our faces by living and loving to the fullest.

Powered by a vibrant cast, the heartfelt writing reinvented the trite rom-com cohabitation premise to a whole new level, leaving traces of feel-good love affirming moments that would make you smile after each chapter.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Often, married women succumb to losing their identities in the process of becoming a mother and a wife. But, single women who are breadwinners of their families also share the sentiment.

Park Min Young has had a few heroine-centric dramas, but her work in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? lets her expound on the idea of how single females can work on a life that is entirely their own.

Search: WWW

Stage in the world of strong-willed women powering the top internet web portals of the country, the tvN series delves on their career journey with side love and life stories.

Smartly written, Search: WWW celebrates the triumphs achieved by women determined to define their worth on their own. At the same time, it gave a picture of how even successful career women struggle to find their inner piece.

As women suffering from over-dependency are often depicted on Korean dramas, it is such a refreshing moment to meet ladies who genuinely portray the other type of girls K-Dramaland refuse to delve on.

Jewel in the Palace

A classic that deserves recognition for its women-empowering theme. Jang Geum (Lee Young Ae) defied all odds to rise in a male-dominated era and became the first female royal doctor. Despite not being born an aristocrat, her intelligence and perseverance paved the way for her to be recognized.

Though it was not easy, Jang Geum just only proved that women can do more than what are expected of them and that they can contribute well to the society.

Jewel in the Palace

Oh My Venus

KBS2’s hilarious romantic-comedy leaves audience with woman-empowering messages and doses of blissful trance for ladies imagining how it would feel like to have a gorgeous personal trainer like So Ji Sub.

The series is driven to encourage women with weight worries to lighten up and push themselves to be even more disciplined in becoming fit. Presenting it as a propelling force to reclaim their confidence. Playing the role of Kang Joo Eun, Shin Min Ah delights with her convictions. She knows herself and does not let her physical appearance deter her from being a good lawyer and a decent human being.

Though she often asks for someone to save her in difficult situations, she easily learns her lesson. Her intelligence and determination are such endearing qualities. She does not let her ex-boyfriend and friend walk all over her, instead she gets down to work in achieving a healthier and much better version of herself.

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