K-Drama Review: “Search: WWW” Trends Contemplative Career & Love Lessons For Women Who Understand Their Value

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Tinged with women-empowering message, Search: WWW encourages through reconcilable flaws and brave-bring-it-ons from its female dominated cast.

Tautly executed, Im Soo Jung, Lee Da Hee and Jun Hye Jun suffuse their roles with such warmth and tenacity that kept Search: WWW in an engrossing pace. Running pensive lines to effectively hinge the character connections, the series is a balanced drama treat that would specifically hit home to career driven people.

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Title: Search: WWW
Network: tvN
Theme: Romance, Workplace
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 5 June 2019 – 25 July 2019
Main Leads: Im Soo Jung, Lee Da Hee, Jun Hye Jin, Jang Ki Yong, Lee Jae Wook, Ji Seung Hyun
Highlights: Excellent workplace themed drama, Efficient cast portrayal, life and career restrospective messages
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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Whether you prioritize career or romance – or both, you would find yourself relating to the stories shared by the people moving in this narrative.

Quick Plot Roundup

Working as a director at the leading internet portal company, Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) gets ousted for sticking on her upright principles. She moves to the competitor business and builds connection to Cha Hyeon (Lee Da Hee), a dynamically creative member of the new team she will spearhead. With the goal of defeating her former company, she has to confront the lost friendship she once shared with Song Ga Kyung (Jun Hye Jin).

As these women battle out with their wits and skills, they also discover love should never be an issue while they strive for the best in their career.

Search: WWW


Strength of Women message

For Search: WWW female leads, getting or being married have never been the sole opportunity for them to feel happy. Committing to a relationship past the 30-ish age bracket cannot be out of whim or love. For the reason that your considerations will be based on lessons from failed relationships.

Focusing on ladies who are on top of their career games drives an inspiring message especially to women thriving on an excuse that the lack of romance in their lives is proportional to their healthy high-powered job. In the process of accomplishing their personal endeavors, Ta Mi, Hyeon and Ga Kyung learned to cope up with varied pressures in balancing their concerns in life, work and love.

Search: WWW

Triple romance treat

Through the lives of the trio female leads, we see amusing and heartfelt romance stories. Their three male leads have provided most of the stunning lines which delivered heartening retrospection. I, myself, has been convinced by Jang Ki Yong’s character, having the same inhibitions as Bae Ta Mi who has learned to live independently, with romance never reaching the top of her priority.

Im Soo Jung and Jang Ki Yong’s noona romance speaks a lot about the many apprehensions of women about committing to a relationship. The two have perfectly captured the bravery and vulnerability of being in a relationship where love overflows, but character differences challenge the mutual decisions every now and then.

Providing the vibrancy through their adorable fangirl-actor love story, Lee Da Hee and Lee Jae Wook have shown impeccable chemistry on screen. That extending it to a drama solely their own would be a reasonable deal for drama fans to watch.

Meanwhile, the painstaking you-and-me-against mom love affair, portrayed by Jun Hye Jin and Ji Seung Hyun functioned as the more ruminative story among the three love narratives highlighted.

Search: WWW

Engrossing workplace story

Set in the office world of internet portal, Search: WWW took its audience to the cunning and exciting world of what goes behind the internet world. It reels faithful following owing to its unpredictable scenarios. Probably because the workplace setting is one that has not been deeply explored just yet.

Stage in the world of strong-willed women powering the top internet web portals of the country, the tvN series delves on their career journey with side love and life stories.

Easy to track, the structure of Search: WWW flows to the main heroine’s goal of resolving the betrayal from her previous company Unicon. Through working on its main competitor Barro, she has slowly gained the upper hand. Apart from its main conflict, the series has been touching diligently on the role of internet, particularly trending topics, in the perspectives of the people monitoring issues generating immense online presence.

Search: WWW

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Smartly written, Search: WWW celebrates the triumphs achieved by women determined to define their worth on their own. At the same time, it gave a picture of how even successful career women struggle to find their inner piece.

As women suffering from over-dependency are often depicted on Korean dramas, it is such a refreshing moment to meet ladies who genuinely portray the other type of girls K-Dramaland refuse to delve on.

Bae Ta Mi, in all her independent glory, has shown emotional vulnerability in front of the man she loves. Something that all can be reminded to interject in their lives. When the going gets tough, it is acceptable to rest or be with someone who can share your fears. The ever-entertaining Cha Hyeon, whose love for television dramas braved the odds to be with her favorite actor. She has shown how an up-and-coming executive can have some fun without appearing too stoic in her life. Ga Kyung, for the most part worked on overcoming her challenge-infested life. She soared high in defeating it with painful sacrifices along the way. It leaves a lessons how life will always have its share of bliss and pain.

Another notable workplace drama to add on your list, Search: WWW can be watched on VIU.

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