4 NOIR Performances That Will Leave You Starstruck

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NOIR has steadily developed their craft through producing fiery tracks and performing phenomenal stages.

Since their debut, NOIR has been slowly and firmly charming listeners through their fiery stages and powerful vocals. Shin Seunghoon, Kim Yeonkuk, Lee Junyong, Nam Yunsung, Kim Siheon, Ryu Hoyeon, Yang Siha, Kim Minhyuk, and Kim Daewon continue to develop explosive tracks and even bigger stages– and it shows in their growth as performers.

On August 10, the group will be taking their talents to Philippine shore for the third time through the 2019 NOIR Meet & Live Tour “The Ninth”. Happening at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila’s Grand Plaza Ballroom, they will surely gift their Philippine Lumieres a night they won’t forget anytime soon.

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To help Lumieres prepare for the phenomenal showcase that these boys will surely bring to the stage, we have wrapped up five of NOIR’s performances that left us starstruck.

#1: “Airplane Mode” on THE SHOW

To promote their second mini album, TOPGUN, the nonet took the stage and sent Lumieres soaring with a smashing performance at THE SHOW. Fans have called this performance one of their attention-grabbing stages, and it is easy to see why! Their choreography, for one, is simple yet powerful in that everyone is in sync with each other– and their vocals remain powerful and solid.

#2: “뭐해 나야 (Hello)” on Sound K

When they are not setting the stage on fire, they are pulling on their fans’ heartstrings through their vocals. Their live performance of “뭐해 나야 (Hello)” truly showcases how versatile their vocals are, as they serenade fans with one of their more challenging songs to date. Their vocal line belts out notes effortlessly, and everyone just sounds angelic.

#3: “Doom Doom” on M Countdown

These boys, however, have shown that they will continue to keep growing to gift better performances – and “Doom Doom” is enough proof of that. Though they are taking on a more complicated choreography, the boys continue to remain in sync with each other to deliver a truly stunning performance.

#4: “Gangsta” on THE SHOW

Wrapping up the list is one of their first live performances of “Gangsta”, their debut track. This stage easily sets the standard for what the group aims to deliver on stage every time: phenomenal vocals and stunning choreography. The boys truly delivered their all for this performance, and it is definitely paying off.


Tickets to the 2019 NOIR Meet & Live Tour “The Ninth” will be up for grabs through the Philippines Association of Gangwon Province in Manila and Clark. Special fan club tickets are also available through the official fanclub NOIR Philippines. Tickets are priced at 6,000 (All Standing), inclusive of different perks and fan interaction opportunities.

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