8 Inspirational IU Lyrics To Celebrate Her 28th Birthday

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Happy IU day! In celebration of her birthday, today we honor the numerous lyrics of inspiration and encouragement she has shared over the years!

IU turns twenty-eight today and UAENAs across the globe are rallying together to show love for the iconic soloist.


IU is known for having one of the most powerful voices in the Korean music industry. However, the singer is also adored by the masses for the many inspirational and touching lyrics found within her songs. The singer croons messages of hope and encouragement to her many fans.

To celebrate her 28th birthday, here are eight of our favorite lyrics from her rich discography:

1. I’ll be there, behind you when you walk alone/ Singing till the end, this song that won’t end/ Take a deep breath/ I’ll sing for you, who forgot how to cry out loud

These lyrics from “Love Poem” are a quintessential example of why IU has become one of South Korea’s most beloved artists. Many look to the soloist’s songs as a source of comfort during troubling times, and “Love Poem” answers this call. Rather than blindly promising the listener happy results after their struggles, IU instead promises her un-ending support during their journey.

In this manner, her lyrics provide the quiet comfort for fans that despite the obstacles they may face in their lives, she is always rooting for them – sending her encouragement through musical love poems.

2. I like it/ I’m twenty-five/ I know you hate me/ I got this/ I’m truly fine/ I think now I know who I am a little

IU’s reflection on her life experiences and age throughout her music is one of the many reasons listeners identify so personally to her work. The song “Palette” marks her arrival at twenty-five. The lyrics in the song are a confident self-declaration of the singer embracing who she is.

Acknowledging those who like her and those who hate her, IU remains strong in her own identity. Instead of allowing the opinions of others to affect her sense of worth, the singer addresses that she is fine. She knows who she is. This song thus encourages listeners not to fear adulthood and instead embrace the age in which many come into their own identities.

3. I won’t stop/ I will shout it out many times/ Until you don’t believe it/ Even if it’s too far/ Let’s go where this dawn ends

“Dear Name” is dedicated to the quality that connects all people – being human. During its release, the artist expressed that she wished every listener would become the main character of the song’s narrative. In this manner, the song focuses on every person rather than on the singer herself.

The track’s lyrics speak of the bitter loneliness one feels right before dawn, and of yearning for someone unreachable. The song ends on an uplifting note that despite any challenge, the main character of the song will push forward and seek the end of their loneliness.

4. I don’t care what your secrets are/ There must be some reason/ I’ll politely refuse to hear them/ Not my business/ I like it this way

One of IU’s most inspirational aspects of her music is its refreshing honesty. “BBIBBI”‘s lyrics are no different. Straightforward and frank, the soloist urges listeners to maintain personal boundaries. Moreover, she encourages listeners to have a little more compassion for others and their privacy.

As one of the industries most beloved artists, IU is no stranger to being the focus of the public’s eye. However, “BBIBBI” is a firm reminder that anyone in the entertainment industry is just as deserving of their own personal lives. Furthermore, it is an encouraging motto to her listeners that they too, do not owe anyone more than they are comfortable sharing.

5. All the words in my diary/ I can’t show them all to you/ It’s that I love you/ Tonight I’ll send the glow of a firefly/ To somewhere near your window/ I hope it’s a good dream

“Through the Night” remains a top fan-favorite amidst IU’s discography. The song’s conception came during IU’s struggles with insomnia. Due to her challenge in sleeping, she wanted to create a song of consolation for those who find themselves awake and restless during the late hours of the night.

The track contains loving lyrics that are meant to comfort the listener and wish them peaceful dreams. The sentimental message is coupled with a dreamy instrumental background that will help soothe the listener’s restlessness and ease them into a quiet sleep.

6. Somewhere something more red/ Made her eyes so thinly bloodshot/ Is someone going to ask her the reason/ Why she is getting angry/ Why she is being wicked

The lyrics for “Red Queen” follow the narrative of a misunderstood girl. Most see her as a cruel and pitiful person, and she is therefore hated by most people she encounters. However, the lyrics ask the listener to ponder what caused why she acts the way she does.

The song is a testament to the idea that there is more than meets the eye. Moreover, it is an acknowledgement that women are often judged too harshly. The soloist encourages listeners to contemplate the struggles people face and the journey they have endured before judging their character.

7. If you run away, you come back here/ Just life we’re still good without luck/ Even if you stumble, continue to take click-clacking light steps once again/ (take your time)

In one of her most reassuring songs, “unlucky”, IU talks about the struggles of everyday life and the unknowingness of the future. In the track’s lyrics, the soloist confirms that mistakes are likely to occur and that they are nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, she encourages listeners to take life at their own pace as no one has all of the answers.

Despite encountering bad luck or obstacles that may challenge the listener, “unlucky” is a reminder that everything will be okay.

8. Under the orange sun/ We dance with no shadows/ There is no such thing as decided farewells/ Meet me in that memory that was once beautiful/ Forever young

IU’s latest release, “eight”, is a song dedicated to her feelings on turning twenty-eight. Beautifully nostalgic, the lyrics touch on the yearning she feels for the past and for happier times. However, “eight” is an encouraging message to listeners that no matter how much they miss the past, they can find happiness again through their memories.

Encouraging her fans to joyfully reminisce on the past rather than long for it, IU provides hope that they too can find eternal youth and happiness.

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