June 2020 K-Pop Comeback Lineup: TWICE, DIA, Stray Kids, N.Flying, SEVENTEEN & More

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As summer falls upon us, the K-pop industry is buzzing with several new comebacks, keeping fans heated with excitement!

After the jam-packed month of May, fans can expect to see similar pacing for releases in June. The second wave of artists will make their comeback following the quiet start of the year due to COVID-19.

With many beloved established artists and newer groups taking the lead, June will be a refreshing mix of new music.


TWICE begins this month with their highly anticipated return on June 1st with the mini-album, MORE & MORE. The group’s teasers evoke a more mature concept in comparison to their prior summer releases. The members have dreamy makeup and hair looks reminiscent of the ’70s, matched with flowy outfits and fun patterns.

Fans cannot wait to see what the leading girl group has in store for this summer release!


Only three months since their last album, VICTON are back once again on June 2nd with a mini-album titled, Mayday. After receiving momentous support from their fans, their agency revealed that the group planned to make a quick comeback as a gift for the incredible love fans showed them. Their teaser photos hint a moody and sensual concept.

Many will be looking forward to this comeback considering the group’s recent explosive success. They particularly caught fans’ eyes through their synergy and emotional expression, leading fans to wonder where they will take their music next.

Ha Sung Woon

Ha Sung Woon returns June 8th with mini-album Twilight Zone. The idol, known for his usually sweet charisma, is turning heads with his recent concept photos. Matching the mini-album’s title, Sung Woon’s teaser images portray a mysterious and dark aura.

Utilizing intense neon lighting and displaying contemplative gazes in the mirror, fans are excited to see the artist portray new charms in his newest release.

Super Junior K.R.Y

On June 8th Super Junior K.R.Y, consisting of members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung, return with new music in their first mini-album When We Were Us. This release is significant for the trio, as it is their awaited comeback following their last single “Join Hands” which dropped back in 2015. Moreover, this will be K.R.Y’s first physical album following the sub-unit’s formation fourteen years ago.


WJSN prepares to take their fans on a magical journey with their comeback release Neverland. The mini-album releases on June 9th. Their teasers so far promise a whimsical concept. Featuring light pastels, flowers, and woodland creatures, the group will transport their fans to a magical world this summer!


Globally loved boy group, WayV, additionally join the roster for June comebacks. The group will release their first regular album on June 9th, called Awaken The World. Known for their catchy and impactful releases such as tracks “Take Off” and “Moonwalk”, fans are on pins and needles awaiting the group’s new project.

Despite opting for a more minimal first teaser poster, fans are already rallying together in excitement for the boys’ return.



On June 10th, DIA will return with their 6th mini-album called Flower 4 Seasons. The soft concept photo featuring only a single flower has raised fans’ curiosity about what to expect from the group. Their last summer release, “WOOWA”, was a brighter retro-styled concept.

This comeback’s turn to a more delicate concept has many excited to see a different side to the girl group.

DIA Flower 4 seasons


N.Flying are set to reveal their seventh mini-album on June 10th! Called, So, 通 (literal translation: Communication), this comeback marks their latest release since October. Additionally, fans are excited to hear their new sound as this will be the first Korean project in which the group’s new bassist, Seo Dongsung, will take part in.

N.Flying announced the news of their comeback with a teaser poster for the mini-album’s title track, “아 진짜요. (Oh really.)” The minimalist photo has many eager eyes looking forward to what the group has to offer with their newest release.


IZ*ONE announced via their official fancafe that they are gearing up for a June release! The group plans to unveil their third mini-album on June 15th. The notice explained that members are in the concluding stages of their album production and are busy practicing choreography ahead of their exciting comeback.


Stray Kids

Stray Kids had fans buzzing with the unveiling of the trailer for GO生, which will be the group’s first album release dropping on June 17th. Stray Kids rose excitement through the visual teaser released across the group’s official SNS platforms.

Featuring various sets such as a race track, a restaurant kitchen, and what looks like a science lab in the middle of a construction field, fans are looking forward to the mysterious release!


D1CE teases an ethereal comeback for their second mini-album, DRAW YOU: REMEMBER  ME which will be released on June 17. The album features six tracks mixing instrumental tunes and songs highlighting members’ strong vocals. Fans can expect emotional yet soothing tracks from the boy group to add to their summer playlists!


Girl group, NATURE, plans to release their third mini-album titled NATURE WORLD: CODE M on June 17. Fans’ await the comeback excitedly as the music video teasers promise an intriguing and sinister title track.


CRAVITY bring summer in the sun to fans in their music video teasers for “Cloud 9”. Their newest release on June 17 is the visual accompaniment for b-side track which was included in their debut album Hideout: Remember Who We Are.

Jung Seung Hwan

Giving a sweet surprise to fans, on June 8, Jung Seung Hwan announced his new single, “Whenever, Wherever” through various social media channels. Along with that the soloist also posted a scheduler revealing the comeback date.

Weki Meki

Weki Meki will make their return on June 18th with their third mini-album called HIDE and SEEK. The group released a photo teaser on their official Twitter account, sparking fans’ interest. Showing a crystal chandelier with what looks like a bunny and fox mask on top of the fixture, Weki Meki incites curiosity regarding what they are preparing for this summer’s comeback.


Pledis Entertainment confirmed to various media outlets that SEVENTEEN are in the process of recording their new album, planned to release on June 22nd. This will be their latest album release since last September, which showed their turn towards a darker concept rather than their usual fresh and bright sound. Many fans are curious about what charms the group will show next.



Solo artist, Maddox makes his return this summer with his third single titled “Sleep” which is slated to release on June 22. Increasing fans’ excitement, he released concept photos featuring a sun-lit background and his contemplative gaze.

Golden Child

Woolim Entertainment confirmed to media outlets that Golden Child will return in June 23 with a new album, Take a Leap. According to their agency, the members have been devotedly preparing for their newest release. The group has been referred to as “the complete idol” package by Korean media after showcasing their impressive vocals and performances.

Many are anticipating the group’s comeback following their last release in January.

Golden Child


BLACKPINK’s company, YG Entertainment, released an exciting statement that the popular girl group will return in June with a pre-release single, “How You Like That” on the 26th. Their first full album is slated for a September release, and fans are eager to hear the first track off of the album this summer!


3YE makes their anticipated return on June 29 with their mini-album, TRIANGLE. The trio display femme fatale in their teaser photos for the album, summoning fans’ curiosity
regarding the sound for their latest release.


After hinting a June comeback at the end of last month, Sunmi made an official announcement on her SNS accounts, confirming her musical return. Posting a concept photo for her new single, she basked in neon purple lighting. Her single, “pporappippam” which means “purple night”, will release June 29 at 6 PM KST.


MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is set to make another solo comeback on June 29 with her first mini-album called María, including six tracks. The teaser image, showing Hwasa’s glaring gaze and a snake wrapping around her face, brought on immense excitement for her latest bold project.

Cho Seung Youn

Cho Seung Youn will make his solo comeback as WOODZ this June 29 with his first mini-album titled EQUAL. With his talents not just as a performer but also a producer, expectations are raised for his wide range of musical activities in this album.


AB6IX was initially supposed to make their comeback on June 8 and had also released vibrant teasers. But due to an unfortunate incident, one of the members Lim Young Min had to depart from the group. With his departure, Lim Young Min also halted his group activities.

Later, Brand New Music announced the postponement of the comeback and stated that AB6IX will return as a four-member group with mini-album VIVID on June 29.


CIX excited their fans with a teaser photo of their newest mini-album, Hello, Strange Time which will release on June 30! This release is a continuation of their HELLO series which began at their debut in 2019. The group previously impressed with their fast rookie win with the song “Movie Star”, which occurred only a week after their debut.

Fans are eager to witness how the boys will grow in their latest edition of the HELLO mini-albums.

cix hello chapter 3

Lee Jin Hyuk

Lee Jin Hyuk announced his comeback plans, preparing his fans for the sweet delight he would be bringing. Recently, the artist released a colorful scheduler which revealed that the new mini-album, Splash! will be unveiled on June 30.

The colourful teasers piques curiosity among fans about the new content.

Difficulty in keeping track? Here’s a timeline:

June 1 — TWICE returns with mini-album, MORE & MORE.

June 2 — VICTON returns with album, Mayday.

June 8 — Ha Sung Woon returns with mini-album, Twilight Zone.

June 8 — Super Junior K.R.Y returns with mini-album, When We Were Us.

June 9 — WJSN returns with mini-album, Neverland.

June 9 — WayV returns with album, Awaken The World.

June 10 — DIA returns with mini-album, Flower 4 Seasons.

June 10 — N.Flying returns with mini-album, So, 通. 

June 15 — IZ*ONE returns with mini-album Oneiric Diary.

June 17 — Stray Kids returns with album, GO生.

June 17 — D1CE returns with album, DRAW YOU: REMEMBER ME .

June 17 — NATURE returns with album, NATURE WORLD: CODE M.

June 17 — CRAVITY returns with “Cloud 9” music video.

June 17 — Jung Seung Hwan returns with single “Whenever, Wherever”.

June 18 — Weki Meki returns with mini-album, HIDE and SEEK.

June 22 — SEVENTEEN returns with album Heng:garæ Journey Of Youth.

June 22 — Maddox returns with single “Sleep”.

June 23 — Golden Child returns this month with album, Take a Leap.

June 26 — BLACKPINK returns with pre-release single,  “How You Like That”.

June 29 — 3YE returns with mini-album, TRIANGLE.

June 29 — Sunmi returns with single, “pporappippam”.

June 29 — MAMAMOO’s Hwasa returns with mini-album, María.

June 29 —  Cho Seung Youn returns as WOODZ with mini-album, EQUAL.

June 29 —  AB6IX returns with mini-album, VIVID.

June 30 — CIX returns with mini-album, Hello, Strange Time.

June 30 — Lee Jin Hyuk returns with mini-album, Splash!.

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