K-Drama Diary: Top Moments From “365: Repeat The Year” That Shocked Viewers

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A must watch drama, 365: Repeat The Year stupefied the audience with the unforeseeable escapades of its characters.

365: Repeat The Year was quite an unconventional drama. Starring Lee Joon Hyuk, Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Ji Soo, the drama renders a unique but thrilling story, jaw-dropping revelations and multifaceted characters.

From the premiere episode itself, this drama was a tumultuous ride as the creators of the drama bombard the audience with unexpected events and facts.

365: Repeat The Year

Truly a gem among dramas, 365: Repeat The Year has got many iconic scenes. Here, we take a look into some of the most impactful moments from the drama.

First death from the reset group

This was the first meeting of the group after the reset but they were greeted with bad news. Park Young Gil (Jun Seok Ho) was alive and well in the future. But immediately after returning to the past, he ends up dead.

365 Repeat The Year

Min Joo Young’s hit-and-run accident

At first instance, it looked like Shin Ga Hyun (Nam Ji Hyun) made the right choice by resetting since she can walk again. But then, she learns that her fiance was cheating on her with her friend, Min Joo Young (Min Do Hee).

On the day, when the supposed accident was about to take place, Shin Ga Hyun stays at home to avoid it. However, Min Joo Young gets into an accident at the same place, time and manner.

365 Repeat The Year

The not-so innocent So Yeon Soo and seeds of doubt against Lee Shin

After her friend meets an accident in her place, Shin Ga Hyun is troubled with the thought if she made a mistake by resetting. Seeking for answers, she goes to Lee Shin (Kim Ji Soo), where she gets recommended to undergo a hypnosis to identify the perpetrator from her memory of the previous life.

On going through hypnosis, Ga Hyun learns that the car which hit her belongs to Kim Dae Sung (Sung Hyuk), fiance of So Yeon Soo (Lee Si Ah), who is one of the resetters. As she delves deeper, she find out that the culprit was actually So Yeon Soo and Lee Shin knows more than she leads on.

365 Repeat The Year

So Yeon Soo is dead and Shin Ga Hyun is suspected of murder

Not long after, Shin Ga Hyun gets enlightened about So Yeon Soo’s truth, another incident occurs. So Yeon Soo is found dead in the same park where she had previously met Shin Ga Hyun.

Also, in the CCTV cameras, it looked like the two women were having an altercation. Thus, Shin Ga Hyun becomes the prime suspect.

365 Repeat The Year

Bae Jung Tae keeping a watch on the Resetters

In order to spy on the other resetters, Lee Shin hired Bae Jung Tae (Yang Dong Geun). Using the information that he found, Bae Jung Tae blackmailed others.

Lee Shin’s revelation to Resetters

Finally, confirming everyone’s suspicions Lee Shin announces that nothing was a coincidence and everything was planned. Laughing maniacally, she states, “You were all dead.”

The biggest bombshell… Kim Se Rin

A sweet friendship blossomed between Shin Ga Hyun and Kim Se Rin (Lee Yoo Mi). Unfortunately, it lasted only for a fleeting moment as Kim Se Rin’s lies get exposed.

She stalked the guy she likes, kept clinging to him and manipulated him to date her. Furthermore, she harmed herself and accused Bae Jung Tae of assaulting her.

Ko Jae Young is evil too

The gamer gave an uneasy impression from the very beginning with his creepy theories. Apparently, his personality is also nasty and he is a school bully.

The only reason why he came back to the past was to stop his victim from revealing his truth.

Bae Jung Tae’s murder

Bae Jung Tae was about to share a crucial information with Ji Hyeong Joo. But, he ends up getting stabbed. He mouths, “Detective” as he dies, making Ji Hyeong Joo the suspect, since they were supposed to meet that day.

The reason why the Resetters are dying

In the previous timeline, why none of the resetters died was because their killer was already dead. Park Sun Ho (Lee Sung Wook) was murdered in that timeline and therefore, he could not proceed with his killings.

The biggest irony is that Ji Hyeong Joo traveled to the past to save Park Sun Ho dying.


The actual mastermind behind Reset

Lee Shin has got no clue on how to Reset time. She was only playing puppet in the hands of Hwang No Seob (Yun Ju Sang).

Who would have thought that the innocent looking old man took pleasure in the sufferings of people as he played god.

How Lee Shin got manipulated because of her weakness

The only reason why Lee Shin kept traveling to the past was because her daughter died. But, just like how she toyed with other people’s life, she got played too. Her daughter did not die because of her illness as she had presumed. It was Hwang No Seob who orchestrated her murder.

The final face-off against fate

At the end, it was only Ji Hyeong Joo who was left standing among the resetters.

As the last attempt to change fate and brings back things to how it was earlier, Ji Hyeong Joo takes the leap of fate.

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