K-Drama Review: “The World Of The Married” Leaves A Profound Impression With A Gripping Tale About Abysmal Human Relationships

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The World Of The Married perfectly captures the imperfections in the life of a married couple.

The World Of The Married was sometimes confounding; other times it was saddening and there were times when it was extremely frustrating. Nonetheless, it was a highly satisfactory watch and worth all the attention.

The World Of The Married

Traversing into the convoluted universe of married couples, the drama taps in to various issues that are preexisting in the society. Accompanied by a fast-paced story-telling, the drama has continuously wowed the viewers. Also, extremely impressive is the acting skills of the actors who constructed  laudable acts.

The proof of the success and love received by the Kim Hee Ae starrer is observed from its very high viewership ratings. Every week, it saw a huge jump in numbers. Within its 12th episode, The World Of The Married achieved the title of the cable drama with the highest viewership ratings.

The drama then went on a subsequent record breaking spree bettering its own record every week. For the finale, that was aired on May 16, The World Of The Married recorded a whopping 28.4% nationwide and 31.7% in the metropolitan area.

The World Of The Married

Title: The World Of The Married
Network: jTBC
Theme: Drama
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 27 March 2020 – 16 May 2020
Main Leads: Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon, & Han So Hee
Highlights: Realistic depiction of complex human relationships, Assemblage of a stellar cast, Memorable scenes with powerful lines, Heartbreaking but a reasonable conclusion
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value: 
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Quick Plot Round-up

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) is a successful medical practitioner, who has been living a happy life with a loving husband and an adorable son. But things were about to take a turn when she starts having suspicions that her husband, Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) is having an affair.

On investigating further into the details, Ji Sun Woo learns the bitter truth of betrayal. What ensues is scorned woman’s revenge; coming in terms with the failure of marriage; and learning what is truly important in life.

The World of the Married


Realistic depiction of the complex web of marriage, love and relationships

Human relationships are never easy to understand especially the ones that involves marriage and love. The series successfully manifests the different facets of such relationships.

Throughout the series, there is a lingering question about the depth of a marriage relationship. Marriage, though as per legal laws is bounded by just a piece of paper, the feelings go far beyond that.

In this twisted marriage story, it is shown how even after everything got destroyed, the main leads kept clinging to each other. They hated, hurted and broke each other but at the same time, they still found their way towards each other.

The World Of The Married

Forgoing a bond as sacred as marriage is easier said than done. Which is why, even after getting cheated on, Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee) and  Ko Ye Rim (Park Sun Young) could not break away from their respective relationships. Even, Ji Sun Woo considered forgiving Lee Tae Oh for the sake of their son.

But once the seeds of doubt has been sown, it is difficult to move on like nothing ever happened. The tree has already been poisoned and it will only bear poisonous fruits.

As for Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh, they had an unhealthy obsession with each other that seemed to be unending. The problem also seems to be rooted from their scars of their past.

Assemblage of a stellar cast

A show is only complete with the contribution of its actors who can make or break the show. One of the reasons why The World Of The Married managed to completely engross the viewers is because of the praiseworthy acting delivered by the cast.

Almost all the characters are evil but they are different kinds of evil, which is clearly distinguishable. However, they possess some good traits and care for the ones they love. This is what makes them feel so real and human.

Kim Hee Ae perfectly executes all the expressions ranging from the revenge-driven fury to the vulnerability faced by loss. The actress enacts the hurtful emotions so beautifully that it makes viewers root for her happy ending.

Playing the role of a selfish man, who seems to see no fault in his wrongdoings, Park Hae Joon definitely draws a lot of hate towards his character. On the other hand, breakout star from this drama, Han So Hee, shines in the midst of all the veteran actors.

Meanwhile, Kim Young Min and Chae Gook Hee add to the laughter as well as anger with their portrayal of two-faced characters. These are the characters you hate – but you love to hate.

As for Jeon Jin Seo, he showed his potential as an actor with his portrayal of Lee Joon Young. It is quite amazing, that for a young actor of his age, he could grasp and evoke the complicated emotions that his character was going through.

The World Of The Married

Memorable scenes with powerful lines

There are numerous impactful scenes and dialogues in this drama that would still be remembered for a very long time. The monologues at every episode are relatable matches with the current mood of the episode.

“When it comes to married couples there are no assailants nor completely innocent victims for such things can’t be established,” Ji Sun Woo said in the final episode. This sums up the intense love-hate war that has been going on between her and Tae Oh.

Among all the scenes, one scene that particularly stands out is in episode 14, when Jin Sun Woo is so broken that she almost tries to end her life. Having lost everything, her perturbed appearance shows on how she has given up on everything.

Then, the emotional anxiety surges as she bursts into uncontrollable tears with feelings that have been pent up for too long. Quite an agonizing episode, another highlight from here is when Ji Sun Woo stands strongly back on feet for her son’s sake.

Besides the emotional scenes, there were also savagery in some scenes that were quite pleasing. The dinner table scene in episode 5, where Ji Sun Woo exposes the cheater and the mistress ushers an immense pleasure. Dessert was served well!

Heartbreaking but a reasonable conclusion

Continuing with its streak of unpredictability, the finale takes a surprising turn. In a sequence of events, Tae Oh approaches Sun Woo and Joon Young again.

Tae Oh still believes that they could get back together but Sun Woo shuns him immediately. Realizing that he has hit rock bottom, Tae Oh tries to end his life and rushes in front of a moving truck. At that moment, in a worried state, Sun Woo rushes towards him and they embrace each other.

However, after observing all these, Joon Young feels a major disappointment. Ascertained of the fact, that there is no end to the toxic push and pull between his parents, he runs away. This was inevitable as Sun Woo and Tae Oh had crossed all the boundaries of their obsessive relationship.

Joon Young was tired of being tossed around because his parents’ messy affair. There was a limit to how much he can endure, forgive and forget. Sun Woo’s choice at the end, was the last straw.

Though, very saddening, maybe this was the only way to bring Sun Woo and Tae Oh back to their senses. The toxicity of their failed marriage which continued even after their separation was slowly consuming them. But, they could only discern it after losing what was most precious to them.

Leaving an open ending, the creators of the drama do not show if Joon Young came back home. At the end of the final episode, a faceless figure is seen entering Sun Woo’s house whom she welcomes.

This could mean that either Joon Young really came back home or it was a figment of Sun Woo’s imagination. Regardless, of whether Joon Young returned or not, it is a satisfactory ending.

The World Of The Married Series Afterthoughts

Dismantling a complicated marriage relationship and portraying it on screen is never easy and has many challenges. Consisting of characters who are selfish, lustful and morally wrong, the drama hits differently.

Up to a certain point, Ji Sun Woo’s actions were justifiable but when she resorted to cheating and manipulation, she was already threading on something dangerous which came to bite her back later. Proving that karma is real and brutal, the series does justice by making everyone suffer reverberation for their wrongdoings.

Shifting the focus away from the main couple, in the later episodes the drama also proceeds to show the aftereffects of their actions on their kid. When there is a tension between the parents, children are the innocent bystanders, who are expected to act like nothing happened.

Lee Joon Young’s arc shows how his parents’ negligence towards his feelings caused him to deteriorate as a human being. The constant malignancy led him to make such a rash decision of running away.


The World Of The Married is not just about infidelity or revenge. Thickly layered, the drama covers topics that are much deeper than these.

The series began with Lee Tae Oh’s secret affair with Yeo Da Kyung and Jin Sun Woo’s thirst for revenge. But, as the story progresses, the viewers get to see the consequences that followed.

The World Of The Married

The narrative of The World Of The Married can be divided into three parts: the infidelity and repayment for the same; dealing with the aftermath of separation and alternating emotions; and consequences of past mistakes.

In each of these parts, the show presents a life-changing lesson that instead of holding on to an irreparable relationship, it is better to let go, move on and forget about it before it is too late.

A warning here though – the drama is very distressing. The characters make questionable decisions without reason, try to justify their mistakes and are extremely hateful. Some of the characters relate so much to real-life people that its scary.

Nevertheless, The World Of The Married accurately traces on the complexities of human actions.

Image & Video Credit: jTBC