K-Drama Sneak Peak: “Miss Lee” Takes On An Underdog Story Top-Billed By Hyeri

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An ordinary office worker who suddenly becomes a CEO spins the story of tvN’s newest drama, Miss Lee

Taking the titular role of another Studio Dragon backed up series, Lee Hye Ri (Reply 1988) signals the beginning of her solo career. Together with Kim Sang Kyung (The Crowned Clown), the actress takes on an office drama about a low-level office worker who becomes a CEO of a company in the cusp of bankruptcy.

The Main Plot

Lee Sun Sim, addressed as Miss Lee by her colleagues is an average employee at Cheongil Electronics with not so great skills. In a twist of fate, she becomes the chief executive officer of the company overnight. However, the biggest problem is that the company is on the edge of bankruptcy. Now, as a new CEO, it is Sun Sim’s responsibility to resolve the issues the company currently faces. Can an underdog employee overcome the challenge and become a trustworthy leader?

The drama is a portrayal of how ordinary people persevere to co-exist and evolve together. The story will showcase the progress on how Miss Lee grows exceeding expectations against all odds. What can be anticipated from the drama are the difficulties faced by a typical employee in a harsh office environment and how they endure it.

The Main Leads


On September 18, the cast and production members of the drama appeared for a press conference at the Imperial Palace hotel in Seoul and talked about the drama. Lee Hye Ri plays the titular character, Miss Lee, who is looked down upon by her colleagues because she does not have any high qualifications or credentials.  They also do not bother to call her actual name, referring to her only as Miss Lee and make her run menial errands. However, in spite of all the mistreatment she receives, Sun Sim stays cheerful and optimistic. She relentlessly keeps smiling enjoying the trivial moments of her every day life.

Notable actor Kim Sang Kyung who has won accolades for his acting endeavors takes on the role of Yoo Jin Wook. Known for his cold personality and mean demeanor, Yoo Jin Wook was once a passionate employee at Cheongil Electronics. But after experiencing the harsh realities of life he started putting on a tough exterior. Later on, he becomes Lee Sun Sim’s mentor when he notices her relentless efforts. Thus, he ends up joining hands with Sun Sim in an attempt to save the company.

Team Cheongil Electronics Family

Uhm Hyun Kyung’s character, Goo Ji Na is an employee of the Accounting Department in Cheongil Electronics who is popular for her unrivaled beauty. She is Sun Sim’s roommate as well as her close friend. Sun Sim trusts her and feels that she can talk to her about her worries. However, contrary to Sun Sim’s beliefs Goo Ji Na is not really a nice person. Rather, she is a manipulative person who would do anything to get what she wants.

Cha Seo Won portrays the character of Park Do Joon, an employee at TM Electronics which is a rival company of Cheongil Electronics. A man of justice, Park Do Joon got terminated from his company after he was accused of being a whistle-blower. Nevertheless, he makes his comeback as an employee at Cheongil Electronics. Henceforward, Park Do Joon engages himself in reviving the dying company.

Baek Ji Won, Lee Hwa Ryong, Hyun Bong Sik, Kim Gi Nam and Park Kyung Hye add to the list of the Cheongil family and are expected to provide laughter and empathy to the story.


The Creative Team

Famous for their contribution in dramas Bad Guys: The Vile City and Task Force 38, director Han Dong Hwa and screenplay writer Park Jung Hwa are the creators of Miss Lee. Studio Dragon is the production company behind the drama.

Miss Lee will hit the television screens on tvN starting September 25 at 9.30 pm KST replacing When The Devil Calls Your Name.

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