K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Baek Yerin – First Full Album “Every Letter I Sent You”

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Contemporary R&B genius, Baek Yerin, has sent her fans love with her new full length album.

Former JYP Entertainment artist, Baek Yerin, has recently launched her new independent music label, “Blue Vinyl”. This makes her upcoming release, Every Letter I Sent You, the first full length album under the new label.

The album consists of 18 songs which includes studio versions of her songs exclusively released on SoundCloud in the past.


In mid-November, the singer started hinting her new album by posting stylish photos featuring handwritten lyrics.

20191214_Baek Yerin     

The fans got even more hyped up when the news of a full album was announced on November 22. In addition, more photos of the artist were released to promote the upcoming album. The photos radiate undeniable hipster vibe and features the artist work on her passion for music.

On December 3, the album’s official track list was released containing new songs along with the studio versions of her previously released music on the streaming site. It was revealed that the album would be divided in two CDs having nine songs each.

Music video teasers for “0310” and Popo (How deep is our love?)” were released on December 3 and 9, respectively.

Both official music videos were released on December 10.

Every Letter I Sent You Album Impressions

Baek Yerin and her beautiful voice comes through in every song in the album, even though most of the songs are in English. In addition, the decision to include 18 songs in her first album was a massive undertaking. One, that definitely paid off. It also shows the artist’s generosity to her fans by letting them enjoy her new songs with improved versions of her older ones.

The concept for this album’s look, as shown by the photo teasers and the music videos, is very hipster with a hint of western style. This may be for her new songs to appeal to a global audience as both music videos were also in English.

“0310” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “0310” resembles a short film. The video was shot artistically, following a teenage girl who had a fight with her mother about having more freedom. As she was wandering around, she met a duo singing on streets that made her realize that music gives her the freedom that she wanted.

The video portrays a story of having freedom without being lonely, aligning with the lyrics of the song.

“POPO (How Deep is Our Love?)” MV Afterthoughts

Popo (How Deep Is Our Love?) is a love song about someone professing her love to someone special by expressing the comfort he brings to her life. It portrays the passion of the woman to willingly love the man.

In the music video, the singer seems waiting for her lover to come by wandering in a beautiful field and waiting at a port. Some of the scenes are in an apartment and still conveys the act of waiting.

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Photo credits: Blue Vinyl