MONSTA X Unravels Backstage Stories, Spoilers, And More At Their “FATAL LOVE” Comeback Show

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Successfully completing their comeback, MONSTA X moves to surprise us with their fiery stages!

MONSTA X had successfully completed their comeback show on MONSTA X’s Naver VLive channel for their third full-album FATAL LOVE. The members celebrated the release of the album and shared their happiness with fans around the world.

This generation’s “beastly idols” returned to the music scene after six months from FANTASIA X in May. During their hiatus, the members have continuously made steady progress through various radio and television programs, magazine pictorials, as well as musical activities such as a mixtape release and OSTs.

MONSTA X Comeback Show Recap

Looking fine and handsome in neat suits, MONSTA X opened the comeback show for their FATAL LOVE album in a light and bright atmosphere. The members expressed their confidence with the album release and mentioned that they liked the songs when they first heard them. To record, FATAL LOVE is their third full-album following Are You There? which was released two years ago.

MONSTA X Third Full-Album Comeback Show

Fatal Love Album Talk

Officially starting their album talk, the members mentioned that there were a lot of candidates for their title song. But when they heard Love Killa, they thought the song will be a jackpot.

The members then proceeded to introduce the point choreography as they explain their title song which drew attention from fans and the general audience even before its release. They named the point choreography “1 pyeong dance” which is full of soft charisma without moving their bodies much. The glimpse at their well-made choreography culminated expectations for their upcoming stages.

Particularly, Minhyuk expressed how he loved the intro and mentioned that he voted for Love Killa because of its beat. The members also brought up that they gave lots of spoilers for the song, specifically Minhyuk.

Moving forward to the show, members continuously complimented Hyungwon with his first self-composed song Nobody Else. Hyungwon explained that the song is like perfume. He strives hard to convey the emotions of how love fades just like the fragrance of a perfume.

He revealed that he was inspired by Joohoney’s casual humming when they were alone in the dorm, which made them cheer in amusement at how genius Hyungwon is. Shyly, Hyungwon said he had put a lot of affection in the making of the song.

Talking about the song BEASTMODE which was made by Joohoney, 9F, and Eric Nam, Joohoney shared that when he asked Eric for feedback and to help him improve the song, he did not hesitate and agreed right away. Eric helped with the guide version and when Hyungwon and Minhyuk heard it for the first time, they immediately thought it would be a great concert song.

I.M revealed that he did the mixing for Night View in his workroom. He was holding a Bombay bottle as he sentimentally looks out the window. I.M. said the moon looked blue through the bottle, which inspired him to write the lyrics at that moment. With this story, the members complimented their youngest while Joohoney pointed out that the songs made by the members fit their personality well.


MONSTA X answering MONBEBE’s questions

MONSTA X showed their extraordinary love for MONBEBE as they answer questions sent directly by fans. I.M. was asked what new genre he would like to try, responding that a Ratchet genre might do good. He also shared that he listens to The Weeknd, and a British rapper named Octavian.

Joohoney said he’ll practice dance moves for Psyche and will show to MONBEBE when he finds time. Kihyun was asked what dish he would like to cook next for his cooking show and members suggested Crepes or Gambas. With his solo activities, Minhyuk was asked if he has a new nickname that he likes and said it was “all-around entertainer.”

On the other hand, Hyungwon shared that to control the puffiness, you have to reduce eating salty food. Shownu said Fatal Love is like a Bologna pasta simply because it’s delicious.

Afterward, the six charismatic members showed off their outstanding singing skills as they perform Hyungwon’s self-composed song Nobody Else.

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Album Jacket And Music Video Behind The Scenes

Continuously, the making film for the album’s jacket shoot was shown while the members take turns in sharing behind-the-scenes stories. Relatively, the members mentioned that the director complimented Joohoney because of his detailed acting as The Joker.

Celebrating Minhyuk’s Birthday

As time passed midnight, it was a perfect moment to celebrate Minhyuk’s birthday with a cake, creating a warm atmosphere. Minhyuk wishes that everyone will stay healthy and happy while they promote their new album, blowing the candle with glee. He also expressed how it feels different when you say mini-album compared to a full album. The birthday boy stressed that they actively participated in the making of this album and hoped the public will enjoy their music.

Minhyuk is loved for his continuous improvement and overflowing energy and passion. He has received great attention from global fans with the hashtags #HBDtoMINHYUK and #몬베베_짱친_민혁이생일 trending worldwide.

Debuting as MONSTA X in 2015, Minhyuk showed a visible role in the group with his appealing visuals and soft voice. Based on his bright personality, he took on the team’s vitamin role and strengthened MONSTA X’s teamwork.

Minhyuk has also expanded his scope of activities outside the group. He has been an MC on SBS’ “Inkigayo” since 2019 and has been doing well with his cheerful hosting skills. He also has a show at Naver NOW called “Vogue Ship Show” in which he leads solo while comfortably communicating with listeners around the world. On top of that, he also showed his witty side as a host alongside Super Junior’s Eunhyuk at Seezn’s “Back to the Idol.”

Recently, he sang a drama OST with Shownu, expanding his musical realm. Minhyuk also did photoshoots for several magazines which showcased his unique visuals.

The start of Love Killa

MONSTA X ended the show with a fiery first-time performance of Love Killa which contains deep and mature energy.

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MONSTA X Third Full-Album Comeback Show

They successfully finished the comeback show for their FATAL LOVE album with a whopping 770,000 viewers and 1.55 billion hearts, proving that the show had huge popularity around the world.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will continue their activities for FATAL LOVE, unveiling its first stage on Mnet’s M Countdown on November 4.

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Video Source: Naver VLive, Starship Entertainment

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