“The School Nurse Files” Imaginatively Portrays A New Type Of Heroine

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Netflix-produced series, The School Nurse Files, unleashes a colorful, magical yet strange world starring an eccentric heroine.

Based on the award-winning novel of the same title by Chung Se Rang, The School Nurse Files creatively presents Ahn Eun Young (Jung Yu Mi) as a refreshing type of heroine.


“The School Nurse Files is a story about a not-so-perfect female warrior coming to terms with her own power.” – Director Lee Kyoung Mi.

Ahn Eun Young is not your typical female warrior. In fact, she is as strange as she can be in trying to save everyone from invisible blobs of jellies. Far from the usual display of a heroine’s strength and physical power, Ahn Eun Young is an awkward soul with quirky and eccentric ways of moving around. She also struggles internally about her inevitable fate of having to fight the jellies in secret.

Jung Yu Mi who portrays Ahn Eun Young has a lot to say about her character. To Jung Yu Mi, Ahn Eun Young is more than just her quirky persona. Ahn Eun Young is a character of polar opposites – someone who appears weird but tough; brusque but loving; and some who struggles but continue to fight on.

Apart from having special powers that allow her to save other people, Ahn Eun Young touches others through her warmth and comfort. This is something that Jung Yu Mi hopes the viewers would feel as they watch The School Nurse Files. 

The School Nurse Files


Being based from a novel with a strong fan base, The School Nurse FIles’ creative team has made every effort to live up to capture the essence of the Chung Se Rang’s writing.

The novel’s loyal fans have given their pompous seal of approval to Jung Yu Mi as the perfect actress to portray Ahn Eun Young; and to Director Lee Kyoung Mi as the perfect visionary to translate the imaginative world of jellies into a TV series.

In an interview, Director Lee even says, “I was terrified I might not be able to satisfy the imaginations of the book’s fans, but I was able to push through that, because this vast creative world was so much fun.”

Fans are in for a visual treat with the series’ well-thought of fantasy elements made possible by delightful computer graphics and Director Lee’s creative eye.


“I wanted to send out the message that even if you’re different, you can go forward by combining forces with others.” — Chung Se Rang

The School Nurse Files is one of the award-winning novelist, Chung Se Rang, most famous works. It has become so popular that Chung Se Rang had to write a full blown novel from a short story out of her friend’s experience as a teacher.

The message that Chung Se Rang wants to convey in the novel is simple, “Even if you are different from others, if you are misunderstood, if you are not perfect or you are always making mistakes, when you connect with others and put your strengths together, you can always move forward.”

“I wrote the book in the hope for a world where people look after each other without becoming isolated,” Chung Se Rang says in an interview.

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True to Chung Se Rang’s tone, Netflix has adapted the series and has kept the cheerful, bubbly character of the novel. It still highlights the burden felt by Ahn Eun Young, keeping her character intact, while establishing a bigger world of magic around her with Hong In Pyo (Nam Joo Hyuk).

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