“Woollim The Live 3” Starts Off February With Soulful Ballad Covers

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Main vocalists from Golden Child and DRIPPIN deliver outstanding covers for Woollim The Live 3 in the first week of February.

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For Woollim The Live 3’s latest covers, Golden Child’s Joochan and DRIPPIN’s Cha Junho both picked songs from the main vocalists of their senior group INFINITE. Paying tribute to two beautiful songs, the boys showed their own talents as the main vocalists in their respective groups.

Woollim The Live 3

Golden Child’s Joochan – “Room” (by Kim Sung Kyu)

Joochan chose one of Kim Sung Kyu’s newest songs, “Room”. The singer presented a different charm than the original version, captivating with his outstanding vocals. The idol also digested the sentimental feeling of the track while shining in his own way.

DRIPPIN’s Cha Junho – “끄덕끄덕 (Nod Nod)” (by Nam Woo Hyun)

Junho picked Nam Woo Hyun’s “Nod Nod”, another heart-touching music piece. Fans experienced the artist’s vocals, which swiftly drifted from one tone to another, delivering enjoyment to all listeners. Moreover, the idol won the hearts of fans with his clear voice that radiated a unique charm.

Woollim The Live 3 will continue presenting high-quality video content each week, with a new song and artist. These are exclusive live stage clips that otherwise can only be seen during concerts. They allow fans to hear their favorite Woollim artists as they perform music outside of their own group’s discography.

January already brought a lot of beautiful covers to be enjoyed, and with February just starting, we can expect a lot more. Specifically, this season promised to deliver unit stages, which fans are looking forward to experiencing. The first one is just around the corner, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for the reveal.

Meanwhile, Woollim The Live 3 drops the weekly covers on Thursdays and Fridays and can be enjoyed through YouTube or the Seezn app.

Source & Image Credit: Woollim Entertainment