[INTERVIEW] MONSTA X’s I.M Shares Fun Behind-The-Scenes + How Members Supported His Solo Album “DUALITY” & More

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I.M unravels DUALITY‘s deepest meaning and memorable words from MONSTA X members!

MONSTA X’s I.M got everyone on their feet in awe as he released his fiery first solo digital mini-album DUALITY. On February 19, MONSTA X’s youngest charismatic rapper officially began a solo career six years after his debut with the group.

I.M honestly reveals the duality between the inside and outside of a person through his creativity in writing the album. Through DUALITY, I.M’s exemplary talent as a rapper was visibly seen, making this a big step in his praiseworthiness as an artist. As always, for six years and more, I.M directly participated in writing, composing, and arranging all five songs in his album, including the title track “God Damn.”

Without any doubt, I.M’s low-pitched rap showers endless attractiveness. As “God Damn” is a hip-hop track that contains a person’s honest feelings trying to be happy even though he can’t, I.M’s captivating voice and heartfelt lyrics make it even more commendable.

Prior to the release of DUALITY, I.M had introduced special points and messages that his album wanted to convey to the listeners. Here’s a question and answer interview with MONSTA X’s seasoned youngest, discussing behind-the-scenes and fun reveals about his solo digital mini-album DUALITY.

Q. How do you feel about releasing your first solo mini-album after 6 years?

I.M: It feels new to be able to play it as an official song after a long time preparing it. While I was working with the group, I worked on songs for a long time, and I’m a bit worried but at the same time, excited because this album is the complete opposite of MONSTA X’s color. I hope many people would enjoy listening to it comfortably.

Q. We are curious and wondering how your first solo album DUALITY was released? When did you start working on it and why did you name the album DUALITY?

I.M: I have been working on songs steadily ever since my debut, but I think it has been about two years since I started organizing and preparing for this album. I wrote and revised and deleted songs several times, and decided in naming it DUALITY because I think the word goes well with all the songs in the album.

Q. You said that you honestly expressed your intense inner confession and inner duality in this album. Does the album really reflect your true story?

I.M: Even if I don’t intend it, because I am working on it myself, therefore I think it really reflects my own color.

MONSTA X I.M Solo Digital Mini Album Duality

Q. We are curious about the reactions of MONSTA X members to your album DUALITY. Do you have any memorable words (from them) or behind-the-scene stories?

I.M: All the members monitored the song and Joohoney sometimes sing along to it because he said the songs are so addictive. They also encouraged me a lot. Hyungwon sent a coffee truck as a surprise gift for me and to the staff.

Q. There are a total of five songs in this album. What was the reason you chose “God Damn” as the title song?

I.M: “God Damn” is a song that expresses me the best. I decided to have it as the title track for this album because it was a song that sufficiently conveyed the unexpected atmosphere that the album wanted to say with the emotions of lying to myself who had to say I’m happy even though in reality, I am not.

Q. Is there a specific song that you worked on the hardest or is deeply attached to? What is the listening point of this album?

I.M: I am deeply attached to the title track “God Damn”. I think it would be best if you listen to the album and decide on the listening point yourselves.

MONSTA X I.M Solo Digital Mini Album Duality

Q. MONSTA X had amazing results last year and you also did great performances as I.M. Do you have any goals you want to achieve this year?

I.M: First of all, I am planning to work hard as a MONSTA X member. It seems to a huge regret that we couldn’t see our fans personally due to the social distancing that began with the unexpected COVID-19 incident last year. Once the COVID-19 is stabilized this year, I would like to perform with MONBEBE and hold hands with them.

Meanwhile, I.M had proudly released his first solo digital mini-album DUALITY along with the music video for its title track “God Damn” on February 19 at 2PM KST. Furthermore, MONSTA X will be having a two-day fan concert entitled MX UNIVERSITY. The fan concert will be held both offline and online on March 6 and March 7 at Seoul’s YES24 Live Hall and will be live-streamed via V LIVE.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment