K-Drama Premiere: “Her Private Life” Hurtles Amusing Heroine That Any Fangirl Can Relate To

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Hail to Her Private Life! – the first Korean series that celebrates the vibrant sphere of K-pop fans.

For K-entertainment muggles who can’t understand the world that K-Pop stans live in, Her Private Life adorably explains it.

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Zooming to an irresistible opening week, Park Min Young delivers a fascinating character to cheer for in her newest K-drama series. Coupled with charisma-personified Kim Jae Wook, it will be a serving of addicting rom-com to delight the viewers each week.

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Premiere Week Recap

Museum curator by day, Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) hides another facade that can’t be spilled out. She is a website homepage master of a popular idol – Cha Shi An. Armed with high-end camera equipment and working knowledge acquired through years of fangirling, she manages an internet haven dedicated to celebrate her and her fellow stans adoration to Shi An.

In an art auction she went to, she faintly meets Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook), an artist suffering from a trauma which temporarily disabled him to work on his craft. But he has since become famous in the art circle as he can spot the up and coming artist that has the potential to hit it big. After achieving her goal in the auction, she gets surprised when a painting by a famous artist appeared. A painting particularly liked by Shi An. Her fangirl heart skips a beat on a surprise gift that she can give to Shi An. She bids for the painting, but the man beside her competes with her, eventually claiming it. She follows him to negotiate, but he refuses to relent.

Her Private LifeHer Private Life

When the lazy museum director got embroiled with a slush fund controversy, Duk Mi turns down an offer to work in another company believing her old boss’ promise of her taking the vacated spot. However, a new director was appointed, making all the hard work she spent in the museum futile. It turns out that the new director is Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) whom she bumped with at the recent airport stalking she did for Shi An. He is also the same man she encountered in the auction.

Starting off on a not-so-good impression, the animosity between them escalates when an artist – who was supposed to hold an exhibit – filed a certification of content. Apparently, Duk Mi did not listen to Ryan’s instruction that he will take care of the artist. Ryan fires Dukmi and settles to work at her rich best friend’s coffee shop where the former is a new regular.

Her Private Life

Little did the two know that the former director was behind the artist decision to contend the cancellation of his exhibit. Ryan asks Duk Mi to work in the museum again, but the latter refuses. She even plays a little prank on him by infusing a coffee shot to his drink. Unaware that Ryan is allergic to caffeine, Duk Mi rushes him to the hospital when she goes to the museum after clearing the issue with the artist.

Tending the man she almost killed, Duk Mi agrees to work in the museum again when she wakes up. She also gets the best gift ever when Ryan tells her that they will be featuring celebrities painting collection. With that, they are set to visit Shi An’s house because of his art piece collection.

Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

As a self-confessed fan girl, stepping into Duk Mi’s life has drawn a few laughing fit owing to its familiarity.

Although Her Private Life leads to all the bullet points of typical romantic comedy, the many joys to expect on Duk Mi’s life yields a strong gravitating point. The animated heroine complements the distant attitude and bravado of Kim Jae Wook’s character. His long-awaited first male lead oozes with undeniable manly appeal.

From bickering to romance, friendship-side stories and one-sided love — expect sweet and surprising treats to season the series.

Capturing all those moments that any fangirl can relate to is going to make this new tvN offering a therapeutic treat perfect for your weekly K-Drama binge.

Her Private Life is available on tvN and tvN Asia!


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