5 iKON Songs To Listen Ahead Of The “TAKEOFF in Manila”

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iKON is coming to town, and they sure will bring the high energy they have been reputable for! PH iKONIC, are you ready to match that energy?

iKON is ready to treat PH iKONIC’s hearts ablaze with the 2023 iKON WORLD TOUR TAKEOFF IN MANILA. Organized by Pulp Live World, the Manila leg of the world tour will take place on August 5, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

And before the impending concert event, here are 5 iKON songs that you should get your pre-concert spirit in tune with.


 “BLING BLINK” is hip-hop track that best introduces iKON for who they are. Simple yet hard hitting beats that are best experienced through a concert hall though for now from the comfort of your own home. An air of coolness and swag that can be felt throughout the whole duration of the song and high energy constant until the very end is enough to get your blood pumping with excitement.

If you’re looking for a way to kick off your pre-concert preparation playlist and get yourself pumped up to welcome iKON performing live in Manila once again, this is the perfect way to start. iKONs “BLING BLING” is a single from New Kids: Begin, their first single album released in May 2017.



The cool, well-choreographed, and neatly organized performance delivered is the prime reason why iKONIC is so drawn to them. “AT EASE” displays a dance performance with hints of their classic hip-hop vibes ending with a high-spirited verse, which is a perfect way to showcase their style in the show.

For fellow Kingdom: Legendary War fans, we’re sure you know. However, for those who don’t, “AT EASE” is an amazing finale performance by iKON on the Mnet television program, which aired in April until June 2021.



Let’s reel back and reserve your energy from constantly hyped tracks to enjoy the concert furthermore. In the meantime, let yourself enjoy a nice solemn, warm yet blue, track from their repackaged album, The New Kids. “GOODBYE ROAD” was released alongside the first compilation album by iKON, released through YG Entertainment in January 2019. 

iKON is not an alien at creating romantic and blue songs and “GOODBYE ROAD” is such a great example of their excellence in being able to make such heavy-hearted songs with elements of hip-hop with the beats and ad-libs yet not making them awkward and unnatural. 



An all-time classic! “LOVE SCENARIO” was heard by the whole world with such substantial popularity gaining a South Korea (KMCA) Platinum with a total of 2,500,000 certified units and sales and two-time platinum with over 200,000,000 for online streaming proving the impact iKON made with this track alone.

It’s the easy-to-follow melody and lyrics that made it so catchy especially from the young kids and students like kindergarteners and elementary schoolers. This album’s title track was pleasantly surprising since the release of “LOVE SCENARIO” followed track after track under the hip-hop and trap genres. This truly showed iKON’s capability to experiment and be versatile and was done very successfully throughout the album.

“LOVE SCENARIO” captures a melody that reads romantic and bubbly whilst having heartbreaking and melancholy vibes for its lyrics. Truly catching the attention of iKONICS and even non-K-pop listeners. A total nostalgia trip before iKON returns, that is if you even stopped listening to this album at all.



How can we forget their latest title track from Take Off, their third studio album which was released in May 2023. “TANTARA,” released in April 2023, talks about reaching the cosmos, feeling unscrupulous like there’s no tomorrow.

The track starts from a rap verse that sets the vibe throughout accompanied by an amazing choreography created by the dancer Aiki, who is famous through the show Street Woman Fighter and is the leader of the dance team HOOK.

A fun fact, tantara is actually an old-fashioned Korean slang term that is used in a derogatory way to mock or criticize celebrities and individuals who are seen to have poor taste and lack cultural sophistication.

It is truly in iKON’s wheelhouse to take this slang that is seemingly negative and have their own spin on it to make such a great song. An explosive ending to our pre-concert playlist that encapsulates the very essence of iKON.

Meanwhile, iKON is getting ready to set the Philippine stage on fire once more through the 2023 iKON WORLD TOUR TAKEOFF IN MANILA, which will happen on August 5, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Article by: Crystal Navarro

Video Source: 143 Entertainment, YG Entertainment