Bling Bling Serves Sweet Vibes In Performance Video For “Milkshake”

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Bling Bling showcase their sweet and lovely charms through their latest release “Milkshake!”

K-pop rookie girl group Bling Bling is returning with a sweet and cool follow-up song titled “Milkshake.” The girls (Cha Juhyun, Yubin, Marin, Choi Jieun, Ayamy, and Narin) released a performance video of the follow up song from their first mini-album CONTRAST.

Bling Bling Milkshake

In the video, Bling Bling performed a synchronized choreography at an outdoor tennis court while dressed in matching sporty yet sweet tennis-look outfit.

Even while wearing matching white clothes, each of the members drew attention with their fresh colorful hair, accessories, and nail arts. The combination of dynamic choreography that stretches out their arms and legs, along with their cool vocals, gives off their refreshing charm and energy that perfectly suit the summer mood.

Bling Bling Milkshake

“Milkshake” is a pop style-song that combines tropical sound and synthesizer melodies that leads the whole song, with colorful composition where the song starts simple, yet changes more dynamically. This combination makes the song even more catchy. On top of that, Bling Bling’s sweet and cool voice — that fits the “Milkshake” title perfectly — gives the listeners the energy to go through their frustrating and boring daily lives.

Early on, the group had showed their ‘girl crush’ appeal and unique performance through “Oh MAMA,” making their fans look forward even more to see their unexpected lovely appeal that is going to be shown through “Milkshake.”

In the meantime, Bling Bling, who received good response with their title track “Oh MAMA” will continue promoting with the follow-up song, “Milkshake.”

Watch Bling Bling’s charming performance video for “Milkshake” below:

PR Credits: MJ TONZ Entertainment

Photo Credits: Major9