K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Bling Bling Embarks With Exquisite 1st Mini Album “CONTRAST”

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“Oh MAMA”! The rookie girl group from Major9 officially made its first comeback with some exciting tunes — and we’re definitely here for it!

After five months since their debut, Bling Bling marked an impressive return with its first mini-album CONTRAST, headlined by the dynamic lead track “Oh MAMA.” Staying true to their original colors and distinctive type of music, these industry newcomers had showcased their great potential from the get-go.

Before we dive into their music, let us first recall how they hyped and teased fans (through various contents) before its official release on May 20. Let’s go!

“CONTRAST” Comeback Countdown

Bling Bling shared the exciting news of their return by dropping a coming-soon image poster on April 29 at 10 PM KST, for their first mini-album CONTRAST. 

This release from the group serves as their first comeback since debuting in both Korea and Japan on November 17, 2020, with its single album G.B.B.

Stirring fans with great excitement, Bling Bling dropped a spoiler film on May 4. Through this clip, the whole fandom had already a glimpse of the group’s concept as well as a little snippet of their new song.

Then on May 4 at 10 PM KST, Major9, the group’s agency, shared the tracklist for their first mini-album, CONTRAST.

From May 5 to 7, Bling Bling shared various individual and group teaser photos. Through these lovely releases, the girls showcased their unparalleled beauty as well as their dual charms.

Also, we cannot miss a baffling teaser from one of its releases. Called as “question video,” the nine-second clip surely raises lots of questions about their new song and performance. See it for yourself. *winks

Bling Bling then leaves fans in awe as they unveil the highlight medley for their first mini-album CONTRAST on May 15 at 10 PM KST.

Capping off their comeback countdown is the release of a one-minute performance preview and music video teaser for their new title track “Oh MAMA.”

CONTRAST Album Impressions

Bling Bling’s first mini-album CONTRAST  is headlined by the powerful title track “Oh MAMA.” Comprising with heart-thumping electro bass sounds and some booming harmonious tunes, this electronic pop song is no doubt an absolute banger. Its allure comes down to its boundlessly indomitable energy.

The recurring yet rhythmic tune twists and turns to deliver some exciting hooks. Its dynamic intro and chorus are definitely dominant. Also, we can never miss the members’ high-octane and decisive raps that set the tone of the track.

Apart from its resonant tune that screams confidence, the song speaks for a person falling head over heels in love with someone yet haven’t had the guts to even confess his/her true feelings.

Milkshake” is an absolute gem that can definitely pass as the album’s title track. This b-side track has an appeal that you simply cannot ignore. I love how it highlights the girls’ vocal colors and raps. Credits to its seamless transition and arrangement, it makes listeners gradually groove to its rhythm. I will definitely jump for joy if they perhaps make a music video for this one! (please make it happen)

The third from the list is “G.G.B“, which is also the group’s debut song. The Brazilian funk-inspired track is the perfect interpretation of their strong and brilliant entrance into the industry as confident newcomers. Although there are repetitive parts, the song is never annoying in any way but is rather a fun track that gets everyone up on their feet. I love each of the members’ vocal tones and how they harmonize and blend their voices together.

The fourth and last song is “LA LA LA“, a b-side track from their previous single album G.G.B. This musical piece has great inspiration from Brazilian funk tunes, a genre uncommonly used in K-pop. Upon listening to it, the song instantly lifted up my mood because of its fun and interesting melody. I love how they played with the tones, which make it sounds like a fusion of two contrasting music that goes well together.

Apart from the rap, the moderate singing lines add depth to the song, which makes it sounds fresh and experimental. Though it is out of the K-pop norm, musicality-wise, the song sounds fantastic overall.

“Oh MAMA” MV Afterthoughts

The magnificent music video for “Oh MAMA” commences with the girls showcasing some of their fastidious dance moves, which they referred to as the “finger choreography” and “skirt dance.”

Starting with a feverish note, the song immediately picks up the energy, which keeps on getting higher as it progresses. From each of the lines sung, up to the exciting beat drops, Bling Bling leaves fans no time to breathe.

Immersing it with a subtle but quite feminine rhythm, the soft vocals and uncompromising raps combined provide a dynamic listening experience.

With the catchy lines “Silly silly boy silly silly ey yo/ Eyyyy Oh MAMA Oh MAMA oh my my,” the track is a real earworm — something that will surely be stuck in your head once you listen to it.

Matching the album name CONTRAST, the group evidently showcased their reversal charms through this comeback. Equally splendid and spectacular, the video elicits a sense of wonder as the girls managed to slay the pirate concept.

They dance on a pirate ship and desert-looking backdrop. Throughout the entire run of the music video, the girls donned contrastingly color black and white outfits.

Performance-wise, there’s a lot of energy prevailing in terms of their vocals and dance. This latest bop from Bling Bling truly accentuates their music style and we’re loving it!

Image | Video Source: Major9