Three BTS Songs Including RM’s “Moonchild” Confirmed By NASA To Be Played In Moon Voyage

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BTS is not just going worldwide this time – because they are literally going out of this world with their music!

NASA confirmed on June 5 KST that it has added three BTS songs in its upcoming moon voyage playlist.

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Three bops from BTS will be getting the ultimate “star” treatment soon as the official Twitter account of NASA’s Johnson Space Center confirms their inclusion in the music playlist for an upcoming lunar journey.

Selected Songs

After getting numerous submissions from ARMYs, NASA recognized the interstellar qualities of BTS’ songs and added the tracks “Mikrokosmos” and “134340” to the mission’s music mix.

“Mikrokosmos” is a recent track from the group’s latest album Map of the Soul: Persona, which alludes to the concept of the microcosm as the human world being a smaller version of a bigger picture of the universe.

Meanwhile, “134340” is a set of numbers which actually signifies the number designated to Pluto once it got demoted into a minor planet. It got stripped of its “Pluto” identity, and is now stuck in the same category as asteroids, trans-Neptunian objects, and fellow dwarf planets.

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Its lyrics talk about how one can’t seem to leave his significant other, whose life once revolved around despite the fact that the significant other has already erased him from his life. BTS compares this situation to 134340, who still orbits the sun despite losing its planetary status.

Additionally, “Moonchild”, a track off leader RM’s album mono, has also made the cut, especially given how perfect it is for a lunar journey based on its title. The song’s lyrics call out to the “moon children”, who can still blossom and find the light despite not being able to embrace the sun’s warmth just like the moon.

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The songs were obtained through submissions to the space administration under its #NASAMoonTunes project. Running from June 3 to June 28, citizens were given the chance to add tracks to NASA’s playlist for its upcoming journey to return to the moon on 2024.

The lunar journey, along with the #NASAMoonTunes project, is part of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo 11. Apollo 11 is widely known in history as the mission that brought the first successful landing of mankind on the moon.