BTS Unveils Mysterious Tracklist For “Map Of The Soul: Persona” That Causes ARMYs To Google And Research

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BTS is kicking things into higher gear by finally unveiling their tracklist for Map of the Soul: Persona — raising even more questions about their newest concept.

BTS is set to make their comeback with Map of the Soul: Persona by the end of this week. Now that ARMYs are inching closer and closer to this comeback, the boys are keeping everyone on their toes as they finally unveil the tracklist for their comeback.

Map Of The Soul: Persona will contain seven tracks. The album begins with “Intro : Persona”, sung by leader RM. Previously released as a comeback trailer, the rapper will answer the question he has had all his life – “who am I?” – with all honesty.

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The second track is their collaboration with Halsey, “작은것들을위한시 (Boy With Luv)”. The group has previously unveiled a short teaser, which features a pop tune reminiscent of retro music, and Jungkook singing “I’m a boy with love” and Halsey’s appearance in the music video.

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The tracklist also features new songs, such as “소우주 (Mikrokosmos)”, “Make it Right”, “HOME”, “Jamais Vu”, and “Dionysus”. Tracks that have caught the attention of ARMYs in particular are “소우주 (Mikrokosmos)”, “Jamais Vu”, and “Dionysus” — all of which trended alongside #PersonaTracklist.

Given the theme of their upcoming comeback, ARMYs have been googling into how these three tracks are going to tackle the topic of the persona. Some have done their research about “Mikrokosmos”.

Others have shown interest in the fact that BTS decided to include the Greek god Dionysus, comparing his role in Greek mythology to the concept photos released beforehand.

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Many have made connections between BTS’ concept and their decision to tackle the concept of “jamais vu” in their upcoming comeback.