#FakeLoveFriday: 18 Tweets About BTS’ “Fake Love” MV That Make Us Scream “Same!!”

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We’ve got nothing else to say to BTS after watching their “Fake Love” music video – except for we “love you so bad, love you so bad”!

We wish our love for BTS was fake so we won’t be here, crying over how beautiful the music video for “Fake Love” is – but nope, here we are, sobbing as we watch this masterpiece for the nth time and it can’t get any more real than this!

After being released at 6PM KST on May 18, the much-anticipated music video which marks the K-pop group’s comeback had already soared to great heights, and proved just how huge BTS’ reach is.

#FakeLoveFriday trended right away and took the number one spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends, while also getting 1 million likes on YouTube in less than an hour!

bts fake love music video reaction

Screengrab from BigHit Entertainment

Of course, the BTS ARMY has got a lot to say about this masterpiece of a music video, and they’re way, way, way relatable.

Before we start though, we suggest you watch the music video for “Fake Love” first. Or you know, just watch it again because you’ve surely seen it already:

Yes, yes, you’re welcome – and now get ready to scream “SAME” 18 times with this list of relatable tweets from the BTS ARMY about the “Fake Love” music video:

1. The intro that always ends us all

We’ve got to admit – hearing that trademark BigHit intro gets us shaking everytime! We could literally translate it to Bang PD warning us to get ready and buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

2. JeOn JuNgKoOk StOp!!!

Who told Jeon Jungkook to keep on raising his shirt?! We just wanna talk.

3. All Hail King Namjoon!

Kim Namjoon is a masterpiece. That’s it. That’s the article.

4. Petition for Hoseok to be the new Snickers endorser

Oh, so we all thought Hoseok only got one Snickers bar in exchange during the teaser? Well, apparently not – BTS will go as extra as making him lie in an entire pile of Snickers!

5. Arrest these boys

…they committed several crimes including stealing the ARMY’s hearts and murdering us with the looks they’re serving.

6. Seokjin? The visual god AND the vocal god?

Get you a guy who can do both, right? Jin’s vocals really did shine in “Fake Love”, so we’re even more excited with what the entire album has in store for us.

7. We don’t encourage cursing but… well…

Are there any other words to describe this? Are there any other words you could say after this scene from Min Yoongi?

8. Call the ambulance, y’all

These guys don’t just take our breaths away – they also make our hearts beat so fast we’re not sure it’s even healthy anymore.

9. Even if we watch it again, and again, and again, we probably won’t get tired of it ~

Honestly, just put the entire music video on loop. Thank you.

10. RIP Replay button


Really though, how many times have you seen the music video?

11. We knew it – “Fake Love” is definitely the evil twin of “DNA”

Can you notice the stark difference? We’re s-h-a-k-i-n-g.

12. Literally everything holds a meaning – even the choreography!

Legend says that if you look up the word “well-planned” on the dictionary, you’d surely see a picture of BTS.

13. Theorists are on a roll

Like we said, everything holds a meaning and ARMYs have already long proven that they are not ones to shy away from decoding the symbolizations behind BTS’ music videos.

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14. Why can’t Jimin ever seem to escape water?

Really, just give this poor, unfortunate soul a break – when will he ever stop getting drenched in H2O?

15. Speaking of water, we might just have uncovered another literary piece they may have used

Yes, that literary piece is none other than Avatar: The Last Airbender. Would one of them actually be the Aang that saves us all?

16. Introducing the highest-budgeted film of the year

Yep, BigHit did NOT hold back.

17. I’m fine (SAVE ME!!)

Honestly though, we did not notice this, and thanks to this tweet, we got to watch the music video again just to turn our phones upside down.

18. Bless the heavens

raises both hands eagerly Thank the heavens (and BigHit and BTS) for this music video which definitely blew us away.

Which tweet did you relate to the most? Share your thoughts about BTS’ “Fake Love” music video with us!

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