GHOST9 Remarkably Tops iTunes Charts In Europe With “PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL”

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Congratulations to GHOST9 for the impressive achievement!

GHOST9 is proving their unstoppable power as rookies by topping iTunes charts in Europe region – with their newest mini-album PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL.

GHOST9 iTunes

GHOST9 successfully recorded a fantastic feat on iTunes for their latest comeback with PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL. Proving their popularity abroad, GHOST9’s “W.ALL” ranked #1 on iTunes K-pop songs charts in Germany, U.K. and France for two consecutive weeks right after their comeback. In addition, it also entered #5 on US iTunes K-POP chart.

The music video for their new song “W.ALL” has already amassed 10 million views on GHOST9’s official channel. As a proof to their growing popularity, the number of views was achieved merely after three weeks of its release.

GHOST9 has started expanding their global fandom reach by introducing various entertainment contents. They released selfies on their official SNS for the showcase, which have been well-received by fans. Previously, they also launched their first reality show Let’s GHOST9.

Apart from that, GHOST9 also released several dance choreography videos with different versions – the school look and vertical version of “W.ALL” and Christmas version of their b-side track “Splash”.

Released on December 10, GHOST9’s second mini album, PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL, depicts the members defying and breaking down the walls that confined them.

Its title track “W.ALL” features a smooth transition and a groovy rhythm. It also has a little hint of retro feels. The song offers the members’ flawless rap lines and impressive vocals.

Meanwhile, the group is set to carry out promotional activities on music shows with their new song “W.ALL”.

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