IU Releases Lyric Teaser For New Single “Strawberry Moon”

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Ready to swoon into IU’s upcoming single?

Well-loved singer-songwriter IU will be gifting fans with the new single “Strawberry Moon” this October!

Earlier today, her agency,Β EDAM Entertainment, released a lyric teaser containing the lyrics of her new song.

The released teaser contains the image of IU rising toward the sky with various objects in the shaking room. Lyrics such as β€œConsoling us in green, a scoop of a large strawberry moon, and how about having a world?” attracted attention as fairytale-like lines that stimulate the imagination.

In addition, in this teaser, a warm piano melody that perfectly harmonizes with the lyrics and IU’s unique sensual expressive power flows out, creating a mysterious atmosphere. According to reports, the multi-talented idol participated once again in writing the lyrics of her new song.

Currently, IU is working on the final work ahead of the release. She heightened fans’ anticipation by saying, “It’s a song that makes no one think too much or feel even a little sad when you hear it.”

Aside from the magical lyric preview, she also dropped a stunning concept moving teaser and two captivating image teasers in the last two weeks.

“Strawberry Moon” will be released on various music sites around the world on October 19 at midnight KST.

Source: iMBC

Photo Credits: EDAM Entertainment