K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Stray Kids Packs A Punch With Their Flavourful First Full Length Album “GO LIVE”

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Stray Kids are back with a bang as they invite you to try out the musical menu of their first full length album GO/GO LIVE!

The GO LIVE menu by Stray Kids offers different dishes that cater to everyone’s tastes! The album showcases the group’s strong and spicy charms. Their delectable musical prowess adds a dominant tang to the latest album.

Stray Kids

GO LIVE Countdown Timeline

Stray Kids got the clock ticking for their highly anticipated comeback album on May 27. They announced their comeback by posting a heart racing teaser titled, ‘“GO” Trailer,’ on their official SNS.

On May 31, Stray Kids unveiled their “Prequel (Highlight Reel)”. It entailed an amalgamation of snippets of all of their releases thus far that led to the realization of “GO LIVE.”

Besides this, on June 4, Stray Kids revealed the an eye catching video for their track “GO” that left fans speechless with its dramatic neon lights and graphic setting.

The group followed it up with their spectacular skater boy themed first set of concept photos on June 5. 

They followed it up with a unique menu card that they posted on June 6. Stray Kids revealed their appetising track list, giving a taste of their album’s overall concept along with it.

Stray Kids unveiled a scheduler the very next day on June 7 for fans to look out for sweet spoilers and other activities before their comeback.

And shortly enough, they eased fans into the vibe of their album as they revealed a teaser for their track “Easy” on the very same day.

On June 8, they raised fans’ excitement with the release of the second set of teaser photos that oozed oomph and confidence.

Stray Kids unveiled the full performance MV of the Korean version of their chart topping track, “TOP” from the Tower Of God OST on June 9.

On June 10, the group decided to amp up the energy for their latest unveil of their track “TA.”

Stray Kids lit it up in an number that evoked major ‘chill vibes’ as they unveiled their track “Blueprint,” on June 11.

Showing off their grunge rock styles, Stray Kids revealed their final set of concept photos for GO LIVE on June 12.

Move over Michelin star specials as Stray Kids cooked up a meal straight out of the heavens from “God’s Menu” in a “Cooking Video” they shared for STAY on June 13.

With fans hungry for more after the cooking video, Stray Kids gave a taste of “God’s Menu” through a flavour packed teaser on June 14.

On June 15, the group sat down for a heart to heart with fans expressing to them their journey of making their latest album GO LIVE.

A few hours before the release of GO LIVE, Stray Kids hosted special guests – TWICE’s Sana, DAY6’s Young K and 2PM’s Jun.K on a CHAN BANG LIMITED VER. live stream on June 16 that had over 210 million viewers who gave it over 420 million hearts.

GO LIVE First Impressions

“GO LIVE” is powerful enough to ensure an adrenaline rush. The heavy trap beats, bass drops and fiery snares make it an action packed track. The track’s lyrics talk about going fast and making things happen as well as taking it slow sometimes.

And so, it is interesting to see how the style of the song changes pace reflecting the lyrics. “GO LIVE” is a song that truly showcases Stray Kids’ genius as musicians.

“God’s Menu” is one addictive track you’d want to savor over and over again! The track belongs in the ‘Maramat’ genre of music which is pioneered by the group. And so, this track captures the essence of the group’s musical capabilities in a tasteful way. The lyrics are witty and make use of food analogies that make for a piquant listening experience.

The most standout moments of the track are the cutting edge “DU DU DU DU DU DU” sound and Hyunjin’s “, 손님”! However, this track is so versatile in it style as it offers so many flavors – spicy raps, sweet vocals and salty rhythms as per everyone’s tastes. This is one track that is sure to cater to everyone’s liking.

Han, Hyunjin, Felix and Changbin certainly don’t go “Easy” with their rap verses that create this super dynamic vibe with the heavy foot tapping hip-hop meets dance beats. I.N, Lee Know, Seungmin and Bang Chan add this dash of passion with their smooth vocals. The confident lyrics talk about overcoming obstacles like a boss. It definitely isn’t ‘easy’ to get over “Easy”!

You may want to prepare your hearts as “Pacemaker” with its dreamy vibe is sure to raise up your excitement. Lyrics such as, “I’m always with you never ever, nonstop..I’m always with you never ever, nonstop,” amidst a bass heavy dance beat, add a lovely vibrancy to this cheerful track.

Get ready to soar with Stray Kids on “Airplane”! The track starts off with bright guitar riffs that give it a fresh energy. The lyrics are youthful and talk about going far away with the one you love. This one’s definitely a feel good song that you’d want to sing along to.

“Another Day” surprises you in the most charming way. The soft acoustic number is composed of a guitar and synth based melody. This brings more focus to the group’s mesmerizing vocals and the profound lyrics. The rhythm carries a note of melancholy that brings forward the hazy loneliness of the track.

The album picks up pace with “Phobia”. Stray Kids expresses the feeling of losing someone precious. They also convey the complexity of emotions and anxiety of living up to their loved ones’ expectations in the lyrics. Bang Chan, I.N, Lee Know captivate with their softer notes as do Changbin and Han whose vocals sound refreshing. Seungmin shines on the chorus with his breathy falsettos and Felix brings an edge to this trap heavy track.

Next, “Blueprint” contains elements of the deep house music genre. It is merged with relaxed EDM beats that give this song its chilled aesthetic. Stray Kids personify summer vibes on this track. This is one song that that will make your hearts flutter and days brighter.

Extreme wildness and excitement – sounds just about right to sum up “TA” as a track. This song is one of the best tracks to begin your day with due to its heart thumping rhythm. The infectious energy of “TA” is sure to hype you up. This is yet another spectacle that showcases Stray Kids at their finest – with their evolved music style.

This track is a beautiful escape for fans, to let go and feel free. Stray Kids invite you to STAY with them, Step Out of the status quo and feel the energy of “Haven”. The EDM melody is power packed to put it simply. However, it is the members’ vocals that bring out the charm of this track with finesse.

Stray Kids rise to the ‘top’ with this opening track of the anime series Tower Of God. The group included the Korean version of their chart topper “TOP” in the album. The track is impressive in its grandiose style and a cinematic composition of strings, electric guitar and synths.

The hard-hitting verse backed with high octane vocals, stands out with its impactful words. The lyrics talk about being ambitious about your passions and never giving up till you reach your goals.

“Slump” is the Korean version of the ending track of the anime Tower Of God. The alternative rock rhythm makes the theme of loneliness apparent in the song with lyrics such as, “The clock’s hand never stops ticking, don’t leave me all alone. / Don’t leave me in solitude where stories of the pasts begin.” 

The song also showcases raw emotions. The lyrics talk about losing confidence and thereby finding yourself in a slump. Stray Kids’ give this track it’s versatility with their high octave vocals and their saccharine falsettos.

“This year is ending anyway/Stop saying ‘back in my days’/I can’t stand it anymore,” say Stray Kids as they go ‘Ok Boomer’ with their track “Mixtape: Gone Days.” The playful staccato trap beat and overall youthful style expresses the group’s message of telling the older generation that those old days are gone. They declare that we need to move on and embrace the new generation in a fresh and dynamic way.

The ending track on the album, “Mixtape: On Track” serves as a vocally driven monologue that expresses both empathy and regret. However, its message is far from sad. The lyrics read as, “I know it because I’m a fool/ I can’t live without you/Once again towards you/One more step, I will never stop/I’ll always be on track”. The track is an expression to muster up the courage to go after something your heart wants.

The lyrics send a message to stay on that track so that you don’t have any regrets. The pop beat along with soft raps and emotional vocals make “On Track” a memorable song to say the least.

MV Afterthoughts

“Cookin’ Like A Chef, I’m A 5 Star Michelin,”  as Stray Kids, the gods of this musical kitchen, assert while they invite you to satiate your cravings. They ensure an unforgettable experience as they serve you a track ‘cooked from a new grill,’ from their ‘hottest menu.’

The choreography is cutting edge and eye catching to say the least. Especially with movements that mimic knife work and sprinkling salt over their heads.

The ambiance of the track is addictive and when fused with this intense video, it creates something as hot as this spicy meal served by Stray Kids from “God’s Menu.”

It comes as no surprise that the members look stunning in each and every frame; with them dancing in traditional chef costumes to rocking that punk street style attire, Stray Kids slay!

With “God’s Menu” the group has raised up the heat with the spice levels in the video that is definitely going to have STAY coming back for more!

Source: JYP Entertainment 

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