Ong Seong Wu Makes Fans Fall In Love With Teasers For Pepsi X Starship’s “Heart Sign”

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Ong Seong Wu makes fans’ hearts flutter in lovely teasers for his upcoming solo song!

Ong Seong Wu made the color blue look so good and lovely especially for his fans who missed his side as a singer so dearly in new teasers for his first-ever solo music release!

Photo from Starship Entertainment

Titled “Heart Sign”, the former Wanna One member gears up to end his fans’ long wait to hear his beautiful voice again through his solo song produced by Flow Blow.

On June 4, Starship Entertainment revealed a twenty-one-second-long teaser for the song’s music video. Dominated by Pepsi’s signature color blue, the teaser helps fans cool down in the hot weather with Seong Wu’s extra refreshing visuals.

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The singer also showed what a perfect summer vacation looked like in the video, complemented by his equally perfect, melodious voice singing a line from the track.

“Heart Sign” was earlier revealed to be a part of the 2019 Pepsi K-Pop Collab Project, with the popular beverage brand and Starship Entertainment. Fantagio Music unveiled its first teaser, a clip which gave fans a sneak peek into what they can expect the track to sound like,  on May 26. This signaled the start of the official countdown for the song’s release.

Additionally, on June 2, the project shared image teasers of Seong Wu looking extra ready to beat the summer heat.

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Earlier announced for release on June 7, Starship Entertainment shared on May 30 that the song will drop at a later date. It is now slated for release on June 11, raising fans’ anticipation for the track even more.