Song Joong Ki & “Arthdal Chronicles” Secure Top Spots For Most Popular TV Drama & Actor On Its Pilot Week

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Song Joong Ki marks his small screen comeback with a resounding prominence!

As soon as Arthdal Chronicles joined the Korean drama roster on its premiere week, Song Joong Ki soars to settle as the most talked about actor.
His co-stars Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ji Won also enter the list, placing on the eight and ninth places respectively.

Song Joong Ki


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The survey was conducted for currently airing and soon to be launching television dramas. It measures popularity index based on online articles, blogs, SNS and video responses.

According to the released data from Good Data Corporation, Arthdal Chronicles bested the currently airing dramas for dates covering May 26 to June 2.

Song Joong Ki

Clinching the second spot is tvN’s Her Private Life which made its finale broadcast on May 30. Generating an addictive following with their great chemistry, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook rank fourth and fifth places under the TV actor category.

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Her Private Life

One Spring Night went down at third place for drama category. Moreover, Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min now occupy the second and third spots. The melodrama threads on the story of a woman who is trapped between a long-standing relationship and a new guy who has been occupying her thoughts and heart.

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One Spring Night
Consistently holding the fourth place on drama ranking is OCN’s crime thriller Voice 3. Entering the ranking on its first week is jTBC’s melodrama The Wind Blows on fifth place. Its main leads Kim Ha Neul and Kam Woo Sung nabbed the 6th and 7th slots for television actor ranking.

Continuously delighting viewers on its run, Special Labor Inspector Jo also concluded its series and keeps its steady position on the weekly list at 6th place. Netizens hope for a second season to happen for the satire comedy drama.

Rounding up the top 10 dramas are Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Abyss, Nokdu Flower and Left Handed Wife. Shin Hye Sun notches the 10th spot on the buzzworth actor list.

Good Data Corp Top TV Drama

  1. Arthdal Chronicles

  2. Her Private Life

  3. One Spring Night

  4. Voice 3

  5. The Wind Blows

  6. Special Labor Inspector Jo

  7. Angel’s Last Mission: Love

  8. Abyss

  9. Nokdu Flower

  10. Left-handed Wife

Good Data May 26 to June 2

Good Data Corp Top 10 TV Drama Actor

  1. Song Joong Ki

  2. Jung Hae In

  3. Han Ji Min

  4. Park Min Young

  5. Kim Jae Wook

  6. Kim Ha Neul

  7. Kam Woo Sung

  8. Jang Dong Gun

  9. Kim Ji Won

  10. Shin Hye Sun

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