Park Ji Hoon Opens His Own Planet In Global Fandom Platform “UNIVERSE”

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Park Ji Hoon is the newest artist joining the global fandom platform UNIVERSE!

Park Ji Hoon becomes the latest K-pop artist to open his own planet in the new digital fandom platform called UNIVERSE. Through that, he plans to deliver various content with global fans, and to communicate with them real-time.

Park Ji Hoon Universe


Produced by NCSOFT’s subsidiary KLAP, UNIVERSE is an online platform for K-pop fans. Through the application, the announced artists joining the platform, will share various contents and communicate with fans real-time.

It also allows users to enjoy online and offline fandom activities at any time through their mobile devices. For convenience, three languages will be available; Korean, Japanese and English, in over 134 countries.

Exciting Features

Utilizing the latest IT technology, UNIVERSE will also provide specialized multi-content, not seen on existing K-pop platforms before. The first function is “Collection”, which allows users to certify and record various fandom activities online and offline. Then, “Studio” lets them decorate their favorite artists’ characters and produce music videos.

The newest feature revealed is “Media”, that provides original content updated daily and with “Private Message & Call” fans can get closer to the artist on 1:1 basis. Another thing is the “FNS(Fan Network Service)”, which lets both idols and fans to share their daily lives.

The versatile artist, Park Ji Hoon

UNIVERSE‘s latest artist, Park Ji Hoon, first gained immense popularity in 2017, and so his iconic catchphrase “I’ll save you in my heart”. With refreshing visuals and solid skills, he has captivated the hearts of many not only in Korea but also abroad. He was also widely recognized for his versatile charms. Park Ji Hoon recently released his first album Message, with its title track “Gotcha”.

UNIVERSE will hit the global market early next year. Meanwhile, more details will be announced on the official site, so stay tuned!

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